$30K Santa Clarita Bail Bonds Issued for Stabbing

Kevin Oates was issued $30,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds sometime around 4:45am Tuesday morning in Santa Clarita, CA. Apparently some people were drinking in their apartment on Isabella Parkway. Drink after drink and one thing lead to another, some words were said and then violence ensued.

First of all, why would you invite someone over who is known to be violent, oh, and also carries a knife. Second, why would someone instigate such an individual when they know he’s a bit violent or even feed them additional alcohol. Well, these allegations are simply an assumption, but normal decision making would lead to not offering the invitation or maybe even asking the guy to not bring his knife around when he’s decided on doing some drinking.

Also, what the heck were they doing up at 4:45am drinking before a work day? Ok, just kidding on that note. We know it was a holiday and there were parties going on in Santa Clarita all over the place. Pool parties and BBQ parties galore.

The victim was taken to the hospital and its unknown of his current injuries and how he’s getting by. Hopefully it didn’t hit any organs and he’ll recover quickly without any complications.

Oates was arrested on attempted murder and has a $30,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds. He’s being detained at the Santa Clarita Jail in lieu of this bail. His new court date is this week, on June 3rd, Thursday.

Advice, next time don’t invite the people who carry guns or knives. Just the fact that they have made the decision to wield these weapons means that their decision making really isn’t that good, morally or ethically.

dharman is a proud contributor for LABBC.

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