Couple Recieves Palmdale Bail Bonds

A couple in Palmdale CA found and purse at a local store and figured, great, we can use this to buy our new outfits for tonight. Now they are in the Palmdale CA jail for a couple of Palmdale Bail Bonds.

I February a woman left her purse somewhere in a retail store. She left and went on her way. When she realized that she had lost her purse, she started retracing her steps. She immediately called the last store that she was at and asked if anyone had turned in the purse. The store gave her the bad news of, “no”.

She then started calling all of her credit cards and reported that they were stolen. She was a tad too late. Within minutes of finding the purse, the 27 year old couple had already left the store they found the purse at and started shopping. It seems that they had already rung up a $1000.

As they moved on with their shopping spree they ventured in to Kohl’s to see what they could get. The security guard that covers that particular Kohl’s store thought they looked suspicious. As the couple walked around the store, putting jeans and other clothing items in their cart, the security guard kept the cameras on them.

Finally at the check out, with all the items rang up, the clerk asked to see some identification, the couple claimed ignorance and said their ID was out in the car. Thus confirming the security guard’s intuition. The couple left in search of their “identification” but never came back.

The local Palmdale Police department put out photos of the two and alerted all businesses and residents.

Posting to the media the information about the suspects lead to the capturing of the two thieves. The two checked in to the local EZ 8 Motel. The hotel clerk had recognized the couple and after seeing the photos released by the Palmdale Police Department. So that’s where the story ended for the shopping spree couple and they received a couple Palmdale Bail Bonds for they day of fun and stupidity.

Normally the police would issue grand theft charges for identity theft and using the credit cards for a shopping spree. So the police would put together two charges, identity theft and grand theft. Thus, the Palmdale bail bonds for these two will be around $50,000, each. There were no reports that we could find out online regarding their bail, but as a Palmdale Bail Bonds company we’ve seen these types of charges a lot and we are fairly sure that the defendants are looking at around $50,000 for their bail, was that worth the shopping spree?

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