How Beverly Hills Bail Bonds Work

The purpose of bail is to guarantee the arrestee’s appearance in court. Bail is not a fine and it has no connection with the guilt or innocence of the person arrested. It will not be used as a penalty if the person is found guilty. You can consider bail as a form of insurance for the court.

Beverly Hills Bail Bonds are no different. Actually, Bail Bonds anywhere in California operate just like this. When someone is arrested and is eligible for bail, they have two beverly hills bail bondsoptions of bail to choose from. They can either put up Cash Bail with the jail or get a surety bond (Bail Bond) to secure their release. The purpose of bail is to insure the court that the defendant will appear at all of their court dates. If a person doesn’t post some form of bail they will remain in jail during their court case and will be bused to and from court when they have an appearance date.

Posting a Beverly Hills Bail Bonds is fairly simple. You start off by giving a bail bonds agent a call or even visiting their office in Beverly Hills, CA. When you are speaking with the bail bonds agent, you will be asked several questions regarding the person in jail and the indemnitor. An indemnitor is the person who is signing and responsible for the defendant who is in jail. The indemnitor is usually a parent or grand parent but can be anyone who is willing to sign on the dotted line for the defendant.

The Beverly Hills Police department and jail is fairly small with regards to the larger jails in the surrounding areas. The Police department is located just off of Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills, CA. If you have a friend or loved one at this jail and you don’t bail them out quickly, they might end up getting transferred to the LA Main jail which is called, Twin Towers. And yes, this is the same jail that Lindsay Lohan and many others were at.

Most of the questions the bail bonds agent will be asking are regular personal information about the defendant and the indemnitor. How tall are they? What color eyes? Weight, current address, job information, phone numbers, references and names and phones numbers of references, families information, and much more. The reason for all the questions is to help the bail bonds agents out if the defendant skips bail and doesn’t make their court date appearances.

If someone who has posted bail fails to appear at one of their court dates (skips bail), the court will order an arrest warrant for the defendant, forfeit (cancel) the bail, and demand payment of the bail amount. In the event of a bail bond forfeiture the indemnitor will have to pay the full bail amount. If cash bail was used then the court will keep it. This is where the indemnitor comes in and they now have the responsibility of helping the bail bonds agent find the defendant or the indemnitor will end up forfeiting their collateral and is now responsible to pay, in cash, the full amount of the bail.

The Jail is where the bail bonds agent will be going to post bail for the defendant. Normally, the Beverly Hills Bail Bonds agent will do all the necessary paperwork before hand at their local office or via the internet, get payment for the premium which is 10% of the bail bond, and then the bail bonds agent will visit the jail itself and hand the jailor what is called a Power. A power is a document that provides the legalities needed by a court to post bail and release the defendant until their court date.

After the bail bonds agent is done serving the power to the jailor, the jailor will then start processing out the defendant. For the Beverly Hills Jail, this is pretty quick due to the fact that the jail has a smaller population than others. The time it takes for the defendant to be bailed out is normally around an hour after the bail bonds agent posts the bail.

Once the defendant is released, they head back to the Beverly Hills office, sign a few papers, take a picture and they are on their way, promising to return for their court dates. Which they usually do, since they are responsible for the full amount of the bail.

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