Missing Couple’s Jeep Found in Santa Clarita

A Santa Clarita couple that has been missing since June 11th has had their Jeep reappear in an abandoned building. The wife of the couple has also been found. Her body was discovered about five days later in the forest off of Tujunga Canyon. Some of the public works employees came upon her body while at work.

The deputies in charge of the case believe that the body was killed somewhere else and dropped off at this location. At this point, the police detectives believe that the husband is a possible suspect. The husband usually travels with the families cocker spaniel, which is black and white and called, “Cindy.”

The couple is originally from Czechoslovakia. The husband speaks with a strong accent. The couple were going through some hard financial times and there house was in foreclosure.

Actually on June 13th, the couple was reported to be evicted from their house. It is not clear whether this added to the entire scenario.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective Diane Harris at (323) 890-5500. Be on the look out for a 6 foot 2 inch Czechoslovakia man that might be with a black and white cocker spaniel.

If the man get’s arrested for suspicion of murder, our Santa Clarita Bail Bonds office thinks that the bail will come in around $100,000. Of course if more information comes about the case where it might have been pre-meditated murder, that changes everything.

Initially we thought the couple might have gone missing due to their financial problems, but when the wife was found dead, the situation is now a lot different. Since they’re from Czechoslovakia, it’s difficult to really understand what’s going on. American’s in this situation are more predictable due to the fact that they’re more understandable as far as personality traits go, but the foreign world of Czechoslovakia and a whole other ball game.

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