Orange County Bail Bonds for Dog Thief

A man accused of stealing a $3,000 French bulldog is now in jail and has orange county bail bonds. His bail amount is set at $50,000. Apparently he would go to the home of dog breeders and ask to see the dog for sale, knock down the seller and then take off with the dog.

The man accused of stealing the dog is 20 years old. After hearing about the crime, we thought, who in the world would do something so, well, juvenile. Now that we know he is 20 years old, we understand a little bit county bail bonds

According to the reports, the man would answer advertisements of people selling pure breed dogs. He would show up at their houses and then steal the pooch. His goal was to return home and start breeding the dogs he stole.

Investigators put one and two together when they started hearing about other dogs in the area being stolen. The man was actually out on parole for dog theft. So the investigators showed up at his house where they found the French bulldog that was reported stolen.

After being arrested, the man admitted to stealing the dog and admitted that he was stealing them so that he could breed them and sell their offspring.

As an Orange County bail bonds company these types of crimes never fail to surprise us. This man was interested in obtaining these dogs, illegally, and then have them mate and sell the offspring.
Why steal them? Why not just pony up the small amounts of money and then make the money from the offsprings?
We’re guessing that $3000 is an amount that the thief can’t afford.
But not, he’s has a bail bond worth $50,000 which makes matters even worse.

Not only is he not going to be able to mate the dogs and sell the offspring, he has to come up with $5,000 to pay a bail bondsman to get out of the Orange County Jail. Just ridiculous.

The $5,000 for the bail is a service fee that is paid to a bail bondsman for putting up the $50,000 to the court. This, hopefully, will make sure that the defendant will return to court for all of the proceedings. Seeing that the defendant was stealing $3,000 dogs, it’s highly unlikely that he has the ability to come up with the $5,000 bail. But, at least his court date is right around the corner and he might have the ability to plead his case. This might give him the opportunity to get out on his own recognizance, not requiring him to put any money up for bail.

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