West Hollywood Boutique Robbed with Golf Club

The surveillance cameras show the burglar taking a golf club and smashing the window to the storefront. There was an iron gate on the other side.

West Hollywood Bail Bonds

West Hollywood Bail Bonds

After smashing the window, the burglar placed the golf club through the window and hooked the high priced designer hand bags on the golf club and pulled them through the window.

The boutique said that there was about $10,000 worth of designer hand bags stolen that night. The burglary happened at the Mayfair House on Beverly Boulevard in the late morning around 2am.

Interestingly, the high-tech security alarm system that protects the boutique was not working that morning. Also, the street lights in the area were not functioning. It is still uncertain whether or not the burglar is associated with the outage in either situations.

Our West Hollywood Bail Bonds company has had some clients that have broken the law with similar scenarios. Normally after steeling $10,000 worth of material, the burglar will normally be charged with felony burglary. In this instance he’ll also be charged with vandalism.

The bail for him will most likely be around $50,000. A bail bonds like this will cost the defendant $5,000 to bail out using a bail bonds company.

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