Should There Be Simi Valley Bail Bonds for Fraudulent Company?

The Simi Valley funds company called National Funding was ruled to give over $160,000 back to the people that they fraudulently took the money from. They should receive Simi Valley bail bonds for this, but they’re escaping by pleading neither guilty or innocent to the charges against them. The Superior Court ruled that National Funding [...]

$50K Simi Valley Bail Bonds for Softball Coach

A Simi Valley softball coach gets arrested for having consensual sex with a 13 year old girl. Now out on Simi Valley Bail Bonds, which was $50,000, he’s putting together his case to defend himself from the lewd and lascivious alegations against him which he plead not guilty to. The Coach is 40 years old, [...]

Simi Valley Bail Bonds for Kids Toting Toy Guns

Well, the toy guns part is true and the kids almost got arrested but no Simi Valley Bail Bonds were issued. They’re not even sure if the kids got cited for their behavior. It was reported to the Simi Valley Police that guns were being pointed out of a car as it drove around in [...]