Teen Mom Amber Portwood To Receive Bail Bonds

If she were in San Bernardino, she would have received some San Bernardino Bail Bonds. She’s facing felony domestic violence charges. What’s even more brilliant, she performed the violent acts in front of the camera for the MTV show. What’s her defense going to be? MTV made me do it? On her reality TV show [...]

From Beverly Hills Bail Bonds to Rehab Clinics

Linsay Lohan, yep, another article about Lindsay Lohan. She started out getting Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, sentenced to jail, sentenced to rehab, failed drug tests, got another Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, bailed out, sentenced to rehab again (luckily), and now, she has a bright idea of opening up rehab clinics in the US. Well, isn’t [...]

Inglewood Bail Bonds for Insurance Fraud

Insurance Agent came under fire by the California Department of Insurance and was arrested on October 9th, 2010, in Inglewood, CA. Its quite certain that he will be issued Inglewood Bail Bonds for at least $25,000 each, but that is yet to be determined. The agent was charged with one count of grand theft and [...]

$280,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Burglar

A man being held at the jail in Santa  Clarita, CA with $280,000 worth of Santa Clarita Bail Bonds is in suspicion of several burglaries in Santa Clarita and some surrounding cities. One of the burglaries was at a Senior Center on Aging in the Santa Clarita Valley. The man was seen driving a delivery [...]

Los Angeles Bail Bonds-Could This Be Next?

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Los Angeles Bail Bonds-Could This Be Next? In an attempt to reduce state expenditures two Florida state politicians are sponsoring bills to change the law governing bail bonds.  These bills would drastically overhaul the current Florida law that arranges custody release for low income arrestees. The current law is supposed to evaluate an arrestee’s financial [...]

$175K Burbank Bail Bonds for Teacher

Yep, you show up at school, walk in to class, and what do you see? You’re teacher standing there in handcuffs between two Burbank police officers. Here at Airbail Burbank Bail Bonds we’ve pretty much seen everything. We’ve been around long enough to say that not much surprises us anymore with the decisions a human [...]

Jerrys Bail Bonds

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Jerrys Bail Bonds is a Los Angeles Bail Bonds company with their main office residing in Van Nuys, CA.  Jerrys Bail Bonds started out writing Van Nuys Bail Bonds way back in the 40′s. If you ever venture in to their Van Nuys office, you’ll see very old pictures of the surrounding area. Most of [...]

Bernie Heller

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Bernie Heller is the owner of Bernie Heller Bail Bonds. He provides Bail Bonds for the entire Los Angeles County. Mr. Heller has been writing Los Angeles Bail Bonds for over 40 years. The main goals for his company are: Customer Service Quick and Smooth bail bond service. Attention to detail. Always available. Trustworthy We [...]

Greer Bail Bonds

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Greer Bail Bonds Los Angeles. A long standing Los Angeles Bail Bonds company. Greer bail bonds established their presence in the bail bonds industry long, long ago. As you will see with all contributors on Los Angeles Bail Bonds Community, most are family oriented companies that are in the bail bonds industry to help other [...]