The 4 Most Well-known Bail Bonds Questions

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Walking down the street in a normal town, one won’t find very many people with any knowledge whatsoever of the bail bonds market. As a Bail Bonds firm, we’ve been in this business for over 40 years and know the industry inside and out. So we thought we would put together a short list of [...]

From Beverly Hills Bail Bonds to Rehab Clinics

Linsay Lohan, yep, another article about Lindsay Lohan. She started out getting Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, sentenced to jail, sentenced to rehab, failed drug tests, got another Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, bailed out, sentenced to rehab again (luckily), and now, she has a bright idea of opening up rehab clinics in the US. Well, isn’t [...]

$280,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Burglar

A man being held at the jail in Santa  Clarita, CA with $280,000 worth of Santa Clarita Bail Bonds is in suspicion of several burglaries in Santa Clarita and some surrounding cities. One of the burglaries was at a Senior Center on Aging in the Santa Clarita Valley. The man was seen driving a delivery [...]

What Makes a Bail Bondsman Do It?

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Often times when I tell people work for a bail bond company I get a reaction equivalent to what I believe a doctor or lawyer would receive in social conversation. People are intrigued, they are curious, and want to know more about the bail business, how it works, what happens to people if they don’t [...]

Why use bail bonds to get someone out of jail

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The answer is, “Because it’s simple and fast!” Next question? Why keep your friend or family member in custody when you could pick up the phone, make a call, or submit your information on our internet site and start the process? Why go through the stress of receiving those collect calls from the person in [...]

History of Bail

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The Eighth Amendment is a precept the bail bonds industry uses primarily as its “raison d’etre” – or reason to be in business today. Taking the overview of the big picture the amendment states that excessive fines and punishment (both cruel and unusual) shall not be inflicted. There are 10 Amendments to the Constitution of [...]