$1,000,000 Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Los Angeles Bail Bonds set at $1,000,000 for Pacific Palisades businessman. It seems Los Angeles city attorney Carmen Trutanich is wasting no time making his presence felt.  With his aggressive and high profile action against illegal billboards in Hollywood and Los Angeles, it’s clear he wants to make a statement, even if that statement may be motivated by politics and public exposure.

After jailing a Pacific Palisades man for violating the city municipal code for signage and setting his Los Angeles Bail Bonds at an astronomical $1,000,000, the city prosecutor followed it up by issuing arrests warrants for four morelos_angeles_bail_bonds_supergrpahic men accused of similar violations. One had his bail bond set at $250,000 with the other three having their bails set at $100,000. Despite being a fraction of the $1,000,000 bail, these bail amounts still remain high if not excessive for misdemeanor city code violations. Just for comparison these bail amounts are comparable to bail set for felony violations such as rape, child molestation, kidnapping, and arson.

After declaring that he would crack down on illegal signs during his campaign, Trutanich used this as an opportunity to fulfill his promise to voters while also satisfying some very vocal critics of the department’s efficacy. Having the signs being in such close proximity to the Kodak Theater where the Academy Awards would be held, gave the city prosecutor an extremely visible platform to make his statement against anyone willing to challenge local regulations. His timing just weeks before the awards show seems to be by design to increase visibility.

With bail bond companies charging an industry regulated rate of 10% of the bail amount, this amount is regulated by the California Department of Insurance, violators of the cities sign code could find their indiscretion to be pretty costly. The alternative would be a stay at the Los Angeles jail while their case plays out. The Palisades man however, was given the opportunity to have his bail lowered to $250,000 if he agreed to remove the signs immediately and thus save him a significant amount of money.

Trutanich is attempting to position himself as a tough on crime prosecutor but he still has work to do to not only secure the convictions of these alleged violations, but also to establish himself as an effective presence against more pressing issues like the reduction of violent crime in depressed economic neighborhoods.

Courtesy JerryK, contributor, from Jerrys Los Angeles Bail Bonds. Visit their site for more information.

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