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Well, here at the Los Angeles Bail Bonds Community this particular topic has been hot and heavy for years. And just this morning when I was reading through my RSS feeds I came across this story about Attorney Richard Herman filing a lawsuit on behalf of the Orange County Bail Agents Association to stop solicitation of bail bond companies outside of Los Angeles Jails or even any jails within California for that matter.

It basically comes down to understanding and abiding by the California State Law.los angeles bail bonds

Title 10 § 2074 – Unlawful Solicitations; Place
Except as provided in Sections 2074 and 2079.5, no bail licensee shall solicit any person for bail in any prison,
jail, or other place of detention of persons, court or public institution connected with the administration of justice;
or in the halls or corridors adjacent thereto; provided that a bail licensee may in such halls, corridors or in other
rooms or areas where not prohibited by local rule or ordinance transact bail with persons specified in Section
2079 who have prior to transaction, requested his services.

Title 10 § 2079 – Soliciting of Bail; Persons
No bail licensee shall solicit bail except in accordance with Section 2079.5 and from:
(a) An arrestee;
(b) The arrestee’s attorney;
(c) An adult member of the arrestee’s immediate family; or
(d) Such other person as the arrestee shall specifically designate in writing. Such designation shall be signed
by the arrestee before the solicitation, unless prohibited by the rules, regulations or ordinances governing the
place of imprisonment. If so prohibited, it may be signed after release of the arrested to ratify a previous oral
designation made by him.

The Lawsuit is about unfair business practices. If you owned a restaurant in Los Angeles, say its Spago, we all know this restaurant, right? Say you owned Spago and all of a sudden 10 fine catering trucks show up and park around in your area and start soliciting the customers that were walking to your restaurant. By law that is illegal. This is exactly what the immoral and unethical bail bond companies are doing in Los Angeles County.

It’s troubling to see, because they are actually willfully breaking the law. You wonder what other laws they are willing to break to make a dollar. How many other bad tactics are they following? Are they allowing their NON-licensed employee’s negotiate bail? Are they up to date on their licenses? Are they up to date on their continuing education? Just makes you wonder.

The word from the agents that are on the other side of the fence…..the ones that are soliciting…is that they feel that its “just good business”. Hmmm….let’s see, breaking the law is “good business.” Maybe if you are a mobster or try to rank higher in a gang or something, but in the normal world where we all follow laws, good business means following the law, practicing good morals and ethics.

It’s just a shame when bad companies give a normally good business industry a bad name. Sure, we’ve all seen “Dog, The Bounty Hunter”, but we all know the Bail Bond industry isn’t like that. The Bail Bond Industry works in and around the court and justice system and yet the business can’t seem to follow the law.

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