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santa clarita bail bondsJust the other day I was on my way to post a couple Santa Clarita Bail Bonds. While traveling up highway 5 toward Magic Mountain I was thinking. I wondered, what does the Santa Clarita, CA popular think of the bail bonds industry? Good? Bad? And what makes either one their choice?

I asked around and asked my clients as the phone continued to ring with relatives of loved ones who were in the Santa Clarita jail. Most of the answers I got were, “well, you kind of have a bad or negative vibe about bail bonds companies.” “Why?”, I asked. Most of the answers that resulted from this particular vote were because of national PR.

Well, with the mortification of the bail bonds industry by the likes of Dog the bounty hunter is a great example of the deteriorating bail bonds image. Along with that, what’s the likely associated topic with a bail bonds company? You guess it, criminals.

So, since we deal with criminals, it seems that image has been wiping off on to the bail bonds industry. Then add to the fact the negative PR that the news and media world is portraying and you have a few reasons for the results of the vote for “good” or “bad” for the bail bonds industry.

There’s also the fact that in this world of news, good news seldom gets reported. In other words, I know of several outstanding bail bonds companies that have very ethical practices and abide by the law and just go on doing business. But the only bail bonds companies that you see in the limelight are the ones that have headed south, decided to do illegal things in order to try and make more money and get caught. This catches the eye of the news and hence gets published. Usually the only way you’ll see a “positive” story regarding a bail bonds company is an article that has been published by the bail bonds company themselves.

bernie heller is the owner/operator of bernie heller bail bonds which provides Santa Clarita Bail Bonds and most Los Angeles Bail Bonds. You can contact Bernie Heller at

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