$1 Million Beverly Hills Bail Bonds for Car Burglar

Six weeks later and thousands of property stolen end in a Beverly Hills Bail Bonds for a man who has been burglarizing automobiles in Beverly Hills, CA. The defendant is being held in the Beverly Hills Jail on $1 million bail.

beverly hills bail bondsApparently, over the last six weeks there had been a large increase of vehicle burglaries in the Beverly Hills area. Most of the vehicles had broken windows with many of the driver’s belongings missing. Purses, wallets, electronics, and many other items were reported to the Beverly Hills Police Department as stolen.

I guess if you are going to go on a burglary spree, why not make it Beverly Hills? You would think that the majority of the vehicles in this area probably have a fair amount of expensive items in there. Plus, you could believe that most of the vehicles carry nice insurance coverage and that way your conscience is a little cleaner because you would think that they would be able to get their insurance to pay for the things that were stolen and windows that were broken. Of course, it’s my bet that the fact that the man is a burglar, probably doesn’t have much of a conscience any ways.

Through some detective work, the Beverly Hills Police Department were able to track the burglar down. Finger prints from the vehicles were matched up and ran through the police departments database and matched a man from Culver City.

The detectives were able to get a warrant for the arrest and also a search warrant for the defendant’s home. He was arrested without incident and at that time, had in his possession a lot of the items that were reported stolen.

So, he used ingenuity to decide to burglarize in a wealthy area, but didn’t put much thought in covering up his tracks, fingerprints, and stolen items. I guess if he were more intelligent, he’d probably had a real job and wouldn’t be burglarizing in the first place.air bail bonds beverly hills

It’s never a good situation to be walking to your car and all of a sudden notice broken glass everywhere and the inside of your car a mess. If this happens to you, call the police and see when they would be able to make it out to your crime scene. Since they are primarily very busy with injury crimes, they might not be able to make it out to your area the day of the crime. See if you can get a detective on the phone so that you can ask questions as to how to deal with the incident. Most likely they’ll tell you to take pictures and if you have to drive the vehicle do so. If they are planning on investigating the scene, or the vehicle they’ll schedule a time with you. If you have a second vehicle, you can use that until the detectives make their way out there.

You’ll have to get rid of the broken glass. You’ll notice that all the small pieces of glass are absolutely everywhere including down the inside of the window. It’s best that you just call an auto glass company, they do a very good job at cleaning up messes like this and they can have a new window in place in minutes. Plus, most of them have a line of communication with the insurance companies and you might not have to spend any money out of pocket.

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