$1 Million Each Torrance Bail Bonds Set for Pair

Why was there $1,000,000 Torrance Bail Bonds set for Gonzales and Altimarino? Well, as you’ll soon find out, they got caught with a whole heck of  a lot of drugs. The narcotics agents pulled them over after following them from their home which was under surveillance.

Here they found a suitcase, yes, suitcase of heroin. 39 packets  weighing in at a pound a piece all wrapped in cellophane.

Later investigators searched their house and found quite a bit more. As the investigators walked through their house, the search revealed another 46 pounds of black tar heroin, 38 pounds of ice methamphetamine, 2 pounds of cocaine, and around $33,000 in cash.

Torrance Bail BondsSo, now you can see why this particular pair of criminals now have a $1,000,000 Torrance Bail Bond. I”m surprised that the bail wasn’t set higher.

This brings up an interesting scenario. How do they get bailed out with such a high bail? First of all, the cost of the bail for a $1 million bail bond is $100K and can only be decreased to $80K by the Insurance company supporting the bail bonds company. So each defendant is looking at the minimum amount of $80K for their bail. Now that we know the amount needed to bail them out of the Torrance Jail, what next?

The Judge will require that the $80K premium being paid to the Torrance Bail Bonds company not be paid with drug money. Meaning, the defendants can’t use the money that they acquire from drugs to pay for the bail bond. Also, whomever is signing for the bond needs to guarantee the $1M. This means that they need something worth $1M.

Say that their house is worth $4M and they have over $1M of equity in it. This would suffice for one of the bail bonds. Plus, they might have to prove that the house was obtained without the use of drug money. The insurance company will have to look at records and prove to the judge that the house was purchased with clean money. All this for just one of the defendants.

If I was the Torrance Bail Bonds company, I’d probably stay away from this case. It would be difficult to prove to the judge that either of these defendants are worth that much money and that all of that money is clean. Seeing that they had so much drugs in their possession, its obvious that they are running a drug ring and doing so for quite some time.

If the defendants are lucky, they’ll have a Criminal Attorney who is very deep in the pockets (is worth a lot of money) and he’ll be the indemnitor for them. But that is quite a risk. Their probably trafficking the drugs from some where and therefore probably have easy access to other countries.

If the lawyer signs for the defendants and they skip bail and start running, the lawyer is now accountable for the entire $2M. The Torrance Bail Bonds company that benefited from this transaction is also accountable as is the insurance company that backs them.

As bail bonds increase in value, so does the risk as one would assume. So bail bonds this size are risky enough, then add to the fact that the defendants are definitely tied to drug trafficking and the risk seems way to high to get involved. I would not touch it with a ten foot pole.

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