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All the amazing pictures of the Japan disaster have been posted all over the internet. Some of media have gotten creative and made these sliding Google images of before and after pictures of the devastation. All the contributors here at Los Angeles Bail Bonds Community would like to write a different, quick article that might be more helpful. 20 ways to help with Japan relief.

  1. Red Cross Visit their site and read some of the current stories they have there about their relief efforts and stories from local Japanese and their survival. There’s also many places to donate on their site and you can always text REDCROSS to 90999 which will donate $10 automatically.  Right now it seems that more than $120 million has been donated so far. So pat your own back if you are a part of that movement.
  2. Japanese Red Cross Or you can go directly to the Japanese Red Cross site and donate there. On this page you have choices of three different bank accounts where you can wire the money. Of the above mentioned $120 million that the American Public had donated, some of it has gone to the Japanese Red Cross, so donating to either Red Cross organization will be fine.
  3. Save the Children this is their site, This is their donation page. On the donation page you can quickly donate any amount of money you wish using paypal, google checkout and/or amazon payments with your credit card. You can also text money to them by texting JAPAN to 20222, this will donate $10. The east coast of Japan was just obliterated and there are a lot of children in need.
  4. UNICEF this is another organization that reaches out to help children who were involved in disasters. Their donation page is a form you can fill out. Its on a secure page (https) so you can just fill it out and put your credit card in there. We rec0mmend using credit cards because then at the end of the year you can easily report the donation to your accountant. Visit the UNICEF website and read up on their efforts for the tsunami and earthquake relief and you quickly realize that your donation is worth it.
  5. International Medical Corps Currently “International Medical Corps’ emergency response team is assessing the post-disaster needs of isolated coastal villages north of Sendai. In addition, the team is relaying information obtained from evacuation center assessments to International Medical Corps’ regional office staff in Japan to enable them to promptly assist with coordination efforts.” according their their site. This is their donation page. They also have openings if you want to go there and help out with the efforts. If you have some vacation time coming up, this would be a great way of paying back to your Karma.
  6. Global Giving. This is kind of a conglomeration of a donation site. On the site it says that $2.7 million has been raised and they have $1.2 million to go. It’s not clear whether this is all for the Japan efforts or for a dispersion for the other organizations listed on the site also. In the end, the site does their job and there’s a way to specifically donate to the Japan cause. You can also text JAPAN to 50555 which will donate a quick $10.
  7. Salvation Army They have a few teams in place in Japan for help. “Our emergency teams in Japan tell us disaster response is going well and that most areas in need of assistance have been reached.
    They’re still providing necessities such as food and water in Sendai and also in Yabuki-cho, both of which are near Fukushima but outside the exclusion zone around the nuclear power plant. Yabuki-cho seems to be one of the few areas not yet reached by government help.” You can text Japan or Quake to 80888 and a $10 donation will be made.
  8. Doctors Without Borders: Two, Three person teams fled to Japan to try and get to the worst hit areas to provide relief. “What are the main issues in the places that we have seen in the area? For the moment, in the 20 or 30 different evacuation centers we have visited, the main issues we’re facing are chronic diseases among elderly people. Their treatment has been interrupted, so our doctors are looking at restarting the treatment to avoid that these elderly people fall into acute situations.” donate here
  9. Americares: This is an interesting company that is providing a ton of help and supplies. “AmeriCares relief workers in Japan completed our first relief convoy over the weekend with deliveries of several tons of basic supplies to evacuation shelters in the devastated Miyagi prefecture. The delivery provides direct aid to survivors of the massive 9.0-strength earthquake and tsunami that claimed nearly 11,000 lives and left hundreds of thousands homeless.” There’s a donation page on the site, we couldn’t find a donation text though.
  10. Peace Winds Japan This is a Japanese company that helps with disasters around the world. They are located in Tokyo and have been operating for quite a while and now have the dubious efforts to help right at home. They are a NGO, non governmental organization. There is a donation page that has several ways to donate.

Well that does it for our round up of ways to help out the relief efforts going on in the faraway land of Japan. Make sure you take time to wander the internet and view all of the media out there. It has been a devastating event and anything you can do to help them out would be tremendous. Then there’s also the possibility of dropping everything and flying over there and just getting down and dirty and helping out. There are plenty of organizations that need volunteers.

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