$100K San Bernardino Bail Bonds for 40 Glocc

Another rapper/gangster has been arrested. This time he’s in jail for having a loaded 9mm handgun in his car. Police arrested in and slapped a $100,000 San Bernardino Bail Bonds on him. 40 Glocc, what does the Glocc stand for?

Glocc is suspected of several weapons charges. One would think that having accrued such charges one would stem from wielding any more weapons, especially driving around with a loaded one in the car.san bernardino bail bonds

As the report goes, 40 Glocc was loitering around an area that he and many others had been banned from doing so.  There was a 2008 court injunction that stated that he and other members of the gang were prohibited from loitering in this area. Along with 40 Glocc’s arrest, several other so called gang members were also arrested for parole violations. A judge ruled in 2008 that 40 Glocc was actually a member of the Colton City Crips, which he held in common with the other individuals that were arrested that day.

40 Glocc was arrested and transported to the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino, CA. He was arrested for suspicion of several weapons violations. Now in jail, the officers assigned a $100,000 San Bernardino Bail Bonds to him.

Later in the day 40 Glocc posted bail for the $100,000 bail bonds amount. Seeing that he is signed to Infamous Records and G-Unit Records, 40 Glocc probably has enough to bail himself out or he has an attorney that has these capabilities. All he would have to do is come up with $10,000. This is the bail bonds premium for the total bail amount of $100K.

The way bail bonds work is that the bail bonds company can issue a bond to the court for the $100K, but they have to receive a fee for doing so. Since all bail bonds companies are regulated by the California Department of Insurance, bail bonds companies all charge 10% of the total bail bonds, hence the $10K fee.

In this case, the bail bonds was fairly large which means that the bail bonds company would need to also get some sort of collateral. This is usually some sort of real estate. The bail bonds company would also need to have a signor who would be responsible for 40 Glocc to make sure he attends all of his court dates. We are guessing he probably has an attorney for that.

It just defies imagination that someone with so many violations of weapons and loitering charges would actually return the area where he was banned from and on top of that, be carrying a loaded gun, of which he was not aloud to be doing. But then again, there really is no IQ needed to be a criminal.

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