$100K Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Vodka Stealing Men

Was it a dare or did the Vodka stealing team just need some liquor because of a trying week. A 21 year old and 41 year old criminal team are now being held at the Santa Clarita Jail for two $100,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds.

(661) 705-8430 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds Bernie HellerBlackburn, the 21 year old walked in the Vons supermarket and put two vodka bottles down his shorts, are those vodka bottles or are you just happy to see me, and then wandered towards the front door of the supermarket. A fellow Vons employee spotted Blackburn and confronted him.

Allegedly, Blackburn didn’t like the confrontation and decided to take a swing at the employee.  After missing with the punch, he ran swiftly to the awaiting car in the parking lot. This is where Stearn, the 41 year old was waiting.

They both then sped off to Stearn’s home. After a while the police showed up at Stearn’s house and arrested them both. They are both being charged with suspicion of burglary. Suspicion? Didn’t he have the vodka bottles in his shorts, left without paying and then took a swing at the Von’s employee? Well, maybe he did pay for them and was choosing not to use a plastic bag. Keeping it green, right? Put the vodka bottles in your shorts so that keeps your hands free to swing at anyone who decides to confront you. A good defense.

Maybe its the times we are in. With the econimics of today, these two could be without jobs and in need of chillin with some Belvedere. Of course, if the bottles were Von’s select, that would have set them back about 8 bucks a bottle. Can’t they spare a 20 spot for an afternoon of fun with son and dad? What kind of role model was the 41 year old for the 21 year old kid? At 21, he could probably get any meaningless job in Santa Clarita, CA. Starbucks, Coffee Bean, even the Von’s that he chose as his target could probably hire him as a bagger. The baggers at least make ten bucks an hour. Work 2 hours and you got yourself a couple bottles of Von’s select.

There must be some other motives behind this particular case. Was it a dare or just stupidity? Maybe they were sitting around the house playing XBOX, drank all the rest of the vodka at home and thought, hey, let’s go hit the Von’s and steal a couple bottles of house Vodka?

Either way, they are now in the Santa Clarita jail for two $100k Santa Clarita Bail Bonds. Now instead of ponying up twenty bucks for two bottles of bottom barrel vodka, they’re stuck with $10,000 each to get out of jail. See, when you are issued a bail bonds worth $100k, your service premium paid to a bail bonds agent is 10% of that $100k. This is regulated by the California Department of Insurance.

They have the choice of paying the $10k premium to the bail bonds company or coming up with $100,000 cash to give to the courts for collateral that they will attend their court dates. Just guessing, but they probably don’t have $100k much less the $10k premium. Unless they have a rich grandmother or something.

So with that said, their other choice is to stay in the Santa Clarita jail until their next court date which is probably in a couple of days. At least there they will have three square meals a day, but no vodka.

Bernie Heller is a proud contributor.

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