$110, 000 Ventura Bail Bonds for Vehicle Burglars

In Ventura County the Police detectives have found and arrested three individuals involved in several vehicle burglaries. Fidencio Hernandez, Cynthia Gonzales, and Pablo Gonzales all charged and sitting in Ventura County Main jail with Ventura Bail Bonds.

Fidencio has $110,000 bail bonds for several feloney counts of vehicle burglary, identity theft, and possession of stolen property.

The City of Thousand Oaks has continued to experience thefts from vehicles. Suspects have entered both locked and unlocked cars, primarily targeting purses and other bags that have been left in plain view. Many of the victims have also discovered their stolen credit cards had been fraudulently used by the suspects.

Recently, a citizen called and notified the Thousand Oaks Police Department about a driver in a vehicle who appeared to be casing a local parking lot. Though this vehicle was not involved in a crime at this particular location, the alert citizen identified the behavior as suspicious and notified law enforcement. This turned out to be the missing information investigators needed to piece the puzzle together in order to identify Oxnard gang member Fidencio Hernandez as a suspect in these crimes.

On June 29, 2011, Thousand Oaks Investigators were assisted by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Gang Unit, California State Parole and Oxnard Code Compliance in serving a search warrant at Hernandez’s south Oxnard residence. Stolen property from Thousand Oaks crimes was located inside the residence and seized as evidence. Cynthia Gonzales and Pablo Gonzales were also at the residence and found to have converted some of the stolen property from Thousand Oaks for their own personal use

Hernandez was arrested for several felony counts of vehicle burglary, identity theft, and possession of stolen property. He is currently in custody at the Ventura County Main Jail on $110,000.00 bail. Cynthia Gonzales and Pablo Gonzales were both arrested for felony possession of stolen property and booked also booked at the Main Jail.

The bail bonds for Fidencio, Cynthia, and Pablo are not created equal. The reason being is that Fidencio has many more charges against him and there fore has a higher bail. Since Cythia and Pablo are just charged with felony possession of stolen property, for now their bail will probably be around $20,000. If the police detectives come up with more evidence, such as, all three conspired to committ these crimes, then their bail will be increased, but still not likely as high as Fidencio’s.

In order for either of the three to get out of jail, they have a couple choices.

1. Cash Bail. Cash Bail is when the defendant takes the full amount of bail in the form of a money order, cashier’s check, or cash to the court and trade that for their temporary freedom. The court holds this money until the defendant finishes their case, guilty or not guilty, the defendant get’s their money back.

2. Bail Bonds. In this form of bail the defendant will be working with a bail bonds company. In particular, probably a Ventura County Bail Bonds company. The defendant will need to have an indemnitor, which is a 3rd party person (usually a wife, family, or close friend) who is willing to sign responsibility for the defendant. Also, the defendant will need to come up with 10% of the total bail bonds. i.e. if the bail bond is $20,000, the defendant will need to come up with $2000. This is the bail bond premium. A regulated cost of obtaining a bail bonds from a bail bonds company. This fee is similar to the fee when an individual get’s a loan for a house, car, or other. This bail bonds premium is regulated by the California Department of Insurance.

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