Update: $1M Beverly Hills Bail Bonds for Murder Suspect Couple

The Bevelry Hills slaying of son of a former movie producer has produced two suspects. Two $1 million Beverly Hills Bail Bonds are keeping the couple in jail until their arraignment today (7/27/2010) at the Beverly Hills Courthouse.

It’s not clear whether the couple have sought any legal help, but in a case like this, you’re sure to see a few notable defense attorneys vying to take the case. The case isn’t a number one headliner, but rest assured there will be some attorney‘s seeking the limelight for this one.

Barker and Johnson, the suspected couple, are being charged with the murder of Takazato. Beverly Hills police are contending that Barker stabbed Takazato outside the producer’s home. Prosecutors haven’t released information regarding how Johnson is involved in the case.

So far, the information released is that Barker started seeing Johnson after she broke up with Takazato. During this stage Johnson revealed to Barker that she had been abused by Takazato. This information sent Barker in to a rage and might have caused the slaying of the victim.

Why are Johnson and Barker being held on $1million Beverly Hills Bail Bonds? If you look up the penal code for attempted murder, you’ll find that this is the correct amount. Actually, another penal code for pre-meditated murder definitely demands million dollar bail bonds.

It alwasy defies intelligence that someone would believe that a scenario like this justifies a death by stabbing. Maybe that’s why the suspects so publicly displayed the murder. Maybe they were making a statement and somehow think that they actually have a justifiable action against the victim. Probably not.

An enraged individual usually seems to set aside all intelligence and common sense. Even though the case seems like it was pre-meditated, there’s probably a lot of rage and hate involved due to the fact that the murder wasn’t really planned out very well. Also, the murder seems personal due to the fact that it was done probably face to face with the victim and suspect probably fighting and grappling and arguing until the victim was overtaken.

And what was Johnson doing at the time, sitting in the car, texting on her phone? Or did she accompany her boyfriend as the fight took place and watched over as the boyfriend took the life of her ex-boyfriend?

No facts other than Barker and Johnson are in the Beverly Hills Jail for suspicion of murder and are being held on two $1million Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, Takazato was slayed by a knife in close quarters outside the producers home in an elite area of Beverly Hills on 7/20/10, both suspects are in court today (7/27/10) to be arraigned which is just an official reading of the charges against the suspects and then the lawyers will fight over whether or not the suspects will retain the million dollar bail bonds and the judge will make a decision.


Chie Alexandra Coggins Johnson’s preliminary hearing date is scheduled for October 26th, 2010. The hearing will be held at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. No word on the Beverly Hills Bail Bonds that she and Scott Barker have or if the bail bonds will increase or decrease.  The reason for the hearing is to find out if there is enough evidence for her to stand trial for the murder of the ex-boyfriend.

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