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Two people, Two $1,000,000 Pasadena Bail Bonds. Apparently, around 2am on Sunday, a couple cars got together in a parking garage in Old Pasadena, then the girls argue and one girl gets out of her car, walks over to the other one and reaches through the window and stabs her twice, once in the chest and once in the thigh.

Okay, someone bumps in to you with their car, normally I just get out and shoot them, but this story is a little more ghetto,  a knife wound to the thigh and chest. Yah, much better. What are these people thinking???

There were two passengers of the one car with the suspect who did the knifing. The driver of that vehicle is also being held on Pasadena bail bond because he drove her away from the scene and most likely watched the whole thing from the driver side of the vehicle.

The girl in the other car, with stab wounds to chest and thigh, ended up driving away, probably trying to make her way to a Pasadena hospital, ended up passing out and crashing into a parked car. I wonder if she’ll have to pay for that or if the co-suspects will?

So how did these brilliant murder suspects get caught? I’ll let you guess…….yep, most parking structures have video recording 24 hours a day. The Pasadena Police just played back the tapes and got the license number from the plate. The plate was traced to a Lexus in San Dimas. The police drove over there and the two were quickly arrested.

In my opinion, Pasadena Bail Bonds for $1,000,000 is a bit stiff for a stabbing, but this one is pretty vicious, once in the chest and once in the thigh. What’s interesting is the driver, co-suspect, got a $1,000,000 bail also.

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