$280,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Burglar

A man being held at the jail in Santa  Clarita, CA with $280,000 worth of
Santa Clarita Bail Bonds is in suspicion of several burglaries in Santa Clarita and some surrounding cities.

One of the burglaries was at a Senior Csanta clarita bail bondsenter on Aging in the Santa Clarita Valley. The man was seen driving a delivery truck in to the gates of the senior center. After ramming the gates in order to pry them open, the man ditched the damaged delivery truck. Then came back inside to steal another delivery truck.

The man was also seen prying open the door to the center and entering. There is where he loaded up the second truck and used it to make his getaway. The man had left some blood behind which the Santa Clarita Sheriffs were able to extract DNA from.

The DNA was matched to Frederick when they found the stolen truck. The Santa Clarita Sheriffs also matched Frederick to severly other vehicle burglaries in some surrounding cities.

After the arrest, Frederick now has $280,000 worth of Santa Clarita Bail Bonds.

It always seems that places tend to trust the community more than they should initially. Then when something like this happens they finally decide to heighten their security. Although the center had locked gates, how did the man gain such easy access to the facility? How was he able to go about his business, pyring open the door, driving the delivery truck into the gates and blasting them open, without any security arriving on scene.

It’s possible now that if you visit the Senior center there is more security. A security guard walking the grounds, cameras recording the parking and gates, and alarms on the center’s doors. But alas its probably too late. Well, at least they’re ready if the future proports anymore infiltrations.

What was at the Santa Clarita Senior Center that the burglar felt was worth stealing? Twenty senior strollers and bed pans? Maybe the burglar had knowledge of where the medications were. Since he also had two warrants for suspicion of possessing an explosive device and $230,000 worth of drugs, this possibility is not too far fetched.

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