$3.1 Million Pasadena Bail Bonds Issued in Teen Shooting

A local parolee is charged with murder, attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a felon resulting in a $3.1 million Pasadena Bail Bonds. Reynolds, the parolee, showed up at a place called, The Underground looking for a rival and again, innocent Pasadena bystanders get in the way.

pasadean bail bondsThis time it was a 16 year old girl. She was hanging out at The Underground, a local club in Pasadena, CA and happen to be in the way of rival gunfire. The Underground wasn’t even supposed to be open. The establishment had received several letters ordering the club to stop operating. But as always, city officials and government were slow to follow up on the orders.

Apparently the club only had a permit to operate as a performing arts training establishment, but how could they go on and on operating as a night club? Also, how could they allow anyone under 18 to frequent the place?

The family of the teenager has filed a claim against the city of Pasadena stating that they did not follow up on the letters, that there are several reports of police visiting the establishment for similar incidents. Basically, the writing was on the wall and the city stood by and did nothing.

I have a question, as a family, would you allow your 16 year old daughter to hang out at a place called, The Underground? Even if it was early in the evening? Nope. Plus, if the teenager asked to go here, they would get 20 questions on what the place was, where it was, I would then Google the Pasadena place and see if it showed up in any headlines. What I’m saying, is it Pasadena’s fault, the parents fault, or both?

Pasadena City claims that they have quite a few defenses that can come about if and when the case goes to court and they feel that they are covered against such a civil lawsuit and don’t foresee any kind of settlement.

Reynolds, age 20, the individual with the $3.1 million Pasadena Bail Bonds, was actually just released from prison 3 weeks before the shooting. He was on parole for armed robbery. He was arrested the day after the shooting.

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