$30K Beverly Hills Bail Bonds for Disgruntled Taxi Driver

Taxi!!! You think taxi drivers are crazy, this taxi driver is now in jail with, his Beverly Hills Bail Bonds is set at $30K. A honeymooning couple from Italy was making their way to a residence on Cahuenga pass above Beverly Hills, CA and hailed a taxi, the driver got lost, asked for too much money and all heck broke loose. Well, pretty close.

At 9pm on Wednesday (8/4/10) an Italian couple honeymooning in Bbeverly hills bail bondseverly Hills, CA was done walking Rodeo Drive and decided to hail a tax to visit their friend. They were heading to Cahuenga pass at a destination on Wooodrow Wilson Drive. So, the taxi pulls up, they get in, and only their way they go. Meanwhile the couple is noticing that they’re taking  a very unusual route to the destination.

If you’ve ever driven from Rodeo Drive to the Cahuenga pass, you know its about 15 mins tops. Almost an hour goes by and the couple finally arrives at their destination. As they pull up, the driver yells out, that’ll be $35. What? So the honeymooners give the Beverly Hills Taxe driver $26 and then tell him to get a GPS unit for the taxi for the next time he decideds to drive someone anywhere.

What happened next? The couple heads to the residence they are visiting and hears the reving of the taxi behind them. They turn and look and the taxi is barrelling towards them. They quickly jump out of the way and at that very instant the person of the home of the residence they are visiting opens the door to the house. How would you like to be greeted by a large blue taxi town car as you open the door?

The taxi continues to crash in to the house and knock over the resident, hurting their arm and causing some damage to the house.

The taxi driver ended up being booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. What an idiot! Attempting to run a couple over for the difference of $9, even if it was your fault you got lost, plus they’re honeymooners. Stupid!

His Beverly Hills Bail Bonds is set at $30,000. Who knows if he’s been released yet. Hopefully he’s in their until the court date and hopefully the judge sentences him to some time in jail. Heck, Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to some time in jail for less.

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