$30K West Hollywood Bail Bond for Tiger Mistress

Yep, the alledged mistress just got bailed out on a $30,000 West Hollywood Bail Bonds for driving on a suspended license. A sheriff’s patrol found the suspect traveling on Crescent Heights Boulevard in West Hollywood.

She’s a cocktail waitress driving an 04′ Mustang, wonder if its at least a convertible?

Any ways, she already had a couple warrants out of Beverly hills for suspended license and another one from West Los Angeles. That’s three suspended license warrants if you are counting at home and this one will make it a grand total of four.

How do the police know that she’s driving on a suspended license? Do the LAPD run the plates on every car they drive behind? Maybe. Unless maybe she was driving recklessly or her stickers were old, what other reason would the police have to pull her over.  Either way, 4 warrants for suspended license, one would think that they would get the point, stop driving!

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