$50,000 San Bernardino Bail Bonds for Lewd Acts With a 15 Year Old

The times are a changing. But isn’t it time that we all understand that getting involved in a person who is under the age of 18 just the wrong thing to do? One would think that members of the church would know this better than most. Not according to a 53 year old man who is the director of the choir at Bethany Baptist Church. He’s got $50K worht of San Bernardino Bail Bonds and is being charged with suspicion of engaging in lewd acts with a 15 year old girl.

Apparently at around 9am on Sunday, a police sergeant spotted the man and the girl parked in an alley and stated that there was innapropriate activity occuring inside the car. This happened at the 10200 block of Central Avenue. The officer then approached the vehicle and witnessed the man performing lewd acts with the 15 year old girl. It’s also believed that the girl is a member of the choir. What were they doing? Rehersing for the days church songs?

Even if the girl consented, just the idea of getting involved with a 15 year old girl is just ridiculous. He’s 53, this could have been his granddaughter for goodness sakes. Where does the common sense go with these types of criminals? At what point did it go through his head that this is a god idea?

Maybe the girl coerced him. Maybe the girl had a crush on him and enticed him that morning. Maybe the girl said she needed a ride to church that morning and decided to get frisky with him and told him that she wouldn’t tell anyone. Was it his bad luck that the sergeant happened to be passing by the alley?

Nowadays the 15 year old kids are aggressively seeking out sex and all things sex and who’s to say that she wasn’t doing the same thing. As a San Bernardino Bail Bonds company we’ve bailed out plenty of older people getting involved in individuals younger than 18 and its usually the younger adult that was the aggressor.

One can even walk around at the beach or venture in to a night club and get in trouble. The younger generation is dressing in ways that its difficult to decipher age, especially when its plus or minus a few years around the age of 18. But it’s our belief that if you speak with them for more than 2 minutes, one would quickly ascertain that the individual is way younger than they appear to be. Heck, if the first question you ask them is, what’s your favorite drink and they don’t really have an answer, you know you shouldn’t be going down that road any longer.

With the choir director, at the age of 53, maybe he was lonely and just needed an aquaintance. Maybe not. Even if he had not had a relationship for quite some time, allowing a 15 year old to tempt him was absolutely the wrong thing to do. That’s if she tempted him, if he was the aggressor, the situation is even worse. Common sense just doesn’t seem to come in to the equation when dealing with sexual drive sometimes.

Look at President Clinton. No common sense was involved in that scandal. First, he was married, second, he was in the White House for goodness sakes. Of course, there are quite a few rooms that one could get lost in, and maybe that’s why they thought it would be okay, maybe not.


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