$500K Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Local Council Candidate

Reading over some of the current headlines for Santa Clarita, CA I came across this one. A $500,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds was issued for a local Santa Clarita, CA council candidate. Apparently he had allegedly supplied some alcohol for two 14 year old girls, suspected of lewd sexual acts, and rape. I’m sure he’ll say something like, “they looked 18 and one of them showed me their license.” Right?

santa_clarita_valley_police_stationA question I usually get is, as a local Santa Clarita Bail Bonds company, do I ever draw the line on who I decide to bail out? Most of my decision making on who I decide to bail out or not, usually comes down to whether or not the arrestee is a flight risk and can they back up, financially, the total worth of the bond. If I only wrote bonds based on morals and ethics, I wouldn’t be in business.

Sure, It puts twists and knots in my stomach when I hear about the crimes some of these people are accused of, but by their constitutional rights and bail set by the local judge, they can get bailed out. If someone wants to back a $500,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds and provide me with the $50,000 premium, which I must charge according to the California Department of Insurance, in order to get bailed out of the Santa Clarita Jail, then I’ll do it.

Now, of course I have limits of which are personal to me and not worthy of the public internet space.

But to answer the question; no, I usually don’t take the crime involved when deciding on whether or not to bail someone out of the Santa Clarita Jail or any Los Angeles Jail for that matter. What does come in to mind on the bail out decisions are priors.

By this I mean, has this person had any prior convictions and are they related to the current crime they are in jail for and accused of? If they have a messy past of convictions, then I might pass on the bail bond and let some other Santa Clarita Bail Bonds company deal with it.

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