6 Men Swim 202 Miles for Ventura Bail Bonds Company, Not!

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Its difficult to write stories every week about Ventura Bail Bonds and this was a story I just couldn’t pass up. Six men, all over the age of 40 did a relay swim from Ventura, CA down to the La Jolla shore. Their name is the Ventura Deep Six Relay Team.

Do me this favor, just go down to the ocean and try swimming 400 yards. Or, go out and try some body surfing. You’re apt to serious fatigue pretty quickly. Now, jump in the water and swim past the shore break, around a bouy and back. I presume that by the time you get past the shore break you’ll be waving at the lifeguard tower to come pick you up. I know I would.

Picture courtesy Presidio Sports

So, the Deep Six Team decided to swim 202 miles south, starting in Ventura, CA. Swim? No way, I wouldn’t even be able to bike that far. Maybe if I had five others to split the bike ride with, which means I’d only have to bike 40 plus miles, sure, piece of cake. Swim? No way.

They set out on their swim sometime Thursday morning. They were under the English Channel crossing rules because they were simming the 202 miles to break a record, previously at 78.2 miles. These rules stated that they couldn’t touch land at all except at the start and finish. They couldn’t wear any wetsuits either. The water temperature was 57 degrees at times. They also swam around the clock which meant they were swimming at night time where the temperature was getting down around 57 degrees or cooler as well.

The teammates battled against the cold, dense fog, choppy waters, and fatigue. Some of the swimmers mentioned that they had fish biting at their feet while they were trekking along. One mentioned that when he returned to the Zodiac for rest before his next shift, he checked out his feet and noticed that there quite a few bloody marks left from the fish bites. Good thing no great whites caught the scent trail on them. Of course, maybe that would have made them swim quite a bit faster.

I’ve swam in the ocean when it was 57 degrees and I also had a 4mil wetsuit and booties and still got pretty cold. I’ve swam in the ocean when it was 57 degrees without a wetsuit and quickly came out of the water and my lips were blue and I was freezing. These six men were swimming for hours in the water and even at night time.

They all had swimming backgrounds, some professional, some college, and some were lifeguards when they were younger. They started out as a team and finished as a team. While one teammate was in the water, the other 5 were in the Zodiac; eating, drinking, and probably sleeping.

The swimmers had 17 rotations by the time they reached the final destination and once the final swimmer turned to the shore, the five other swimmers jumped in behind him and they swam as a pack to their final destination 202 miles away from Ventura.

This new record shatters the old one by 124 miles. It was a fantastic feet. According to the swimming world, the ocean swimming world, and the open water swimming world, there’s a buzz about the event that’s reaching completely around the globe. Search Google and you’ll see 100′s of articles listed there. I can’t wait to see the next relay team and how far they swim. Maybe we’ll see a team swim all the way from Ventura to Maui.

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