Are Bail Bonds Companies On the Way Out?

More and more states are adopting the so called “Pre Trial” way of doings things for the bail bonds world. The latest of these cities vying to adopt the pre-trial release program is Colorado Springs. But even at this point it’s just listed as a bill and needs to be voted upon.

The pre-trial release program is supposed to help out the defendants who don’t have the financial capabilities to hire local bail bondsmen. Bail bondsmen argue that this is not the case. They argue that the pre-trial programs are indeed taking good, qualified business away from the local bail bondsmen.

In many cases, if the defendant get’s word that they could bail out at a much cheaper rate versus working with a bail bondsman, they take the pre-trial release program. In these cases the defendants don’t even call around and allow normal bail bonds businesses to offer their side of the services.

There’s a law in place that bail bonds companies can not solicit their services within or around most local jails. Here in Los Angeles this law is policed by the local jailors and police officers. The states that the initial request to be bailed out must be started by the defendant who is actually in the jail. The defendant can call the bail bonds companies directly or, in most cases, calls a loved one or friend who then in turn calls the local bail bonds companies.

The law was put in place by the Police departments to ensure and protect any conflicts of interest. With this in place it keeps the local jailers from getting kickbacks from the local bail bonds companies.

Now with the pre-trial release program in place in some of the jails around the US, doesn’t it seem as if this law is now actually being broken? The pre-trial is already in the system and available and actually mentioned by the jailers when the defendants are placed in custody.

There are many other reasons why pre-trial release programs are fairly bad for the government. The government already has depleted resources for the duties they have now. Adding another division that needs three to four qualified individuals to underwrite bail would cause more problems and not less. The government provides reasons as to why the program should be in place, but in the opinion of the bail bonds companies, it just both complicates the entire bail bonds process and causes more problems in the end.

The pre-trial release program underwrites individuals who can’t afford in hopes that they will alleviate some of the overcrowding in the jails. But in the end it costs the government more money that it would have paid out to house the individuals.

Underwriting the types of bail bonds is actually riskier than underwriting normal bail bonds where the defendants can normally afford a bail bonds company. With the higher risk comes more skips. Skips are when the defendants who are bailed out, run from the law and/or never show up for their day in court.

The government has no experience in tracking down the skips and then pushes these extra problems on the deputies and detectives to track down the defendants who skipped bail. This in turn costs the government even more money.

The politicians will tell you anything to pass a bill and later when they need to clean it up, their term seems to be up and they pass the buck on to the next politician.

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