Are There Any Ventura Bail Bonds for Flag Burners?

After someone initially tore down 70 of 87 flags displayed along the Ventura, CA promenade, police arrested an 18 year old kid and probably issued a Ventura Bail Bonds for destroying property.

ventura bail bondsA local Ventura, CA Flag company initially donated 87 flags for display along the promenade. The display was set up for Memorial Day and they had hoped to keep the display up until July 4th. A few days later, 70 of the 87 flags were destroyed and some were also burned.

The Police have no leads on who destroyed the 70 flags yet.

The Flag Company then put additional flags back up in hopes that they would stay standing until July 4th. They had plans of protecting this display. There was actually a pretty good turnout to help this Ventura Business. The business owner put out a call to the Ventura people and asked for some volunteers for an 8pm to 5am flag watch. There were off-duty police officers, veterans from the Vietnam and Korean wars, and various others including a Cub Scout.

During one of the night flag watches, one of the volunteers saw an 18 year old kid rip down a pole, tear off the flag, and then run around the promenade. Police tracked him down and arrested him, placed him in the Ventura Jail, and issued a Ventura Bail Bonds.

The Ventura Police don’t believe he is the one responsible for the other theft and destruction. Officers feel that this kid was just showing off for his girlfriend.

The business owner is doing a great job by showing the people of Ventura the importance of the American Flag. Its a bummer that there are some people in Ventura that are trying to destroy this. The owner has mentioned to the county that it would be nice to get longer, steel poles to fly the flags. He’s gaining some support and hopefully the county will back him on his efforts.

The owner and others have since taken down the flags in hopes of putting them back up for the weekend of July 4th. Hopefully they’ll have some surveillance in place to provide some needed security. I’d like to see the criminals who think that there’s actually a good reason to tear down and destroy a celebration of the country they live and prosper in.

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