Beverly Hills Bail Bonds-Lohan Gets Bracelet

After her lawyers and entourage provided the $100,000 Beverly Hills Bail Bonds last week when Lindsay Lohan missed her court date, She finally showed up at the Beverly Hills Superior Court today, May 24th, 2010. Albeit she was 7 minutes late. Well, she got out of the car at 8:37am and anyone knows that court starts at 8:30am. Which means, she probably finally sat down in court around 8:45am. No wonder the judge was a little perturbed.

beverly hills bail bondsShe has a limo, body guards, helpers, assistants, you would think that someone would have been able to throw her in the limo and say, we need to be on time or the judge will just be more pissed off and we will get our ass handed to.

But no, they showed up late and the judge showed no sympathy. Lohan got a nice, brand new ankle bracelet, anklet if you will. This is an alcohol monitoring bracelet. She’s also required to undergo a drug test every week. It will be a random drug test also, meaning it might be on Monday, Tuesday, well, you get the idea.

While in the Beverly Hills Court, Lohan seemed to be humbled and quiet. Pictures reveal a somber Lohan in a nice suit with white blouse. The judge stated that Lohan had to make sure she followed all the rules or else she might find herself in the Beverly Hills Jail.

Lohan’s Lawyer argued that she was soon to be starting a movie in Texas and has many public relations obligations that would not benefit from wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet. And the movie is in Texas. But the bracelet is only allowed to be in Los Angeles. So if Lohan ventures outside of Los Angeles, the bracelet will alert the authorities?

As a Beverly Hills Bail Bonds Company, I would love to have the services of a bracelet for some of my clients of which I bailed out of the Beverly Hills Jail. Have them keep the bracelet on until they have fulfilled their obligations to the justice system. Now, I believe that this is a little too much, seeing that the bracelets are a bit large and cumbersome and some of my clients are athletes and have a bracelet like this on their ankle could cause problems.

But what if the bracelet was smaller. Like a friendship bracelet. The athletes could just cover it up with tape or wrist-guard or whatever device they see fit. That way we both win. They’ll be found and tracked if needed by the Sheriffs and bail bonds companies and the clients will be less hindered due to the smaller anklet device.

Lohan was ordered by the Judge to begin wearing the bracelet 24 hours from her court day on Monday, May24th. The judge will get reporting on Lohan’s bracelet and will use this information to determine Lohan’s next step. If she violates any of her obligations, she could potentially be incarcerated for 180 days.

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