Beverly Hills Bail Bonds Reduced to $200,000

In an earlier article we reported that the bail bonds for the former BHUSD Facilities Director was set at $2 million. Today we learned that her Beverly Hills Bail Bonds has been reduced to only $200,000. The decision came from Judge Solorzano after hearing the testimonies of a few patrons of the former BHUSD employee.

Apparently, Christiansen had a couple of friends show up on her behalf to testify before the judge to decrease the bail bonds from $2 million down to $200,000. The judge pointed out that any money that goes towards Christiansen’s bail would be subject to Penal Code 1275.

It was obvious to us that this penal code would be enforced due to the fact that the charges on Christiansen dealt within the world of misappropriated funds and conflict of interest scenarios.

Let’s explain Penal Code 1275. Here is how it reads in the California law books, the actual penal code number is 1275.1:

“1275.1 (a) Bail, pursuant to this chapter, shall not be accepted
unless a judge or magistrate finds that no portion of the
consideration, pledge, security, deposit, or indemnification paid,
given, made, or promised for its execution was feloniously obtained.
(b) A hold on the release of a defendant from custody shall onlybeverly hills bail bonds be ordered by a magistrate or judge if any of the following occurs:”

The Penal Code goes on to explain ways that a prosecutor, peace officer, and magistrate may deem ways that a defendant should adhere to and be subject to the PC 1275.1. It basically states that anyone that thinks the defendant has money illegally obtained needs to prove that the money they get for bail is of legal resources.

Let’s put this Penal Code in layman’s terms by example. Say you are arrested for possession and suspicion of dealing marijuana. Your bail bonds will most likely be between $20K and $50K. At this point, the judge would most likely place a 1275.1 hold on your bail. Why? If you are dealing drugs, the judge wants to make sure you don’t use your drug money to post for the bail bonds.

For the related defendant, Christiansen, she is suspected of misappropriated funds. So the 1275.1 hold has been placed on her bail bonds. She and her attorney, now have to prove that the funds being posted for the Beverly Hills Bail Bonds have been created by legal means. In other words, her bank account that received the illegal funds, allegedly, can not fund the bail bonds. The funds for her bail bonds need to be able to show that the funds were created legally. i.e. paychecks from the state or other. The company issuing the paychecks or funds that put money in her bank account also need to check out legally. Also, the reasons for the positive cash flow need to check out legally. Why did she receive this money? How was it obtained? Who funded the accounts and for what reason?

All of these answers need to be proven before she can fund the bail bonds. Than and only then can she move forward with bailing out.

Her bail is $200,000. This means she will need to find $20,000. Most likely her attorney will vouch for her which means he’ll become her indemnitor. The cost of getting the bail bonds is regulated by the California Department of Insurance and they state that 10% of the total bail bonds cost shall be considered the bail bonds premium.

For a bail bonds this size, the bail bondsman usually asks for collateral and that collateral usually is some sort of real estate. She’s might have to put up her house in order to guarantee a $200,000 bail bonds. If she so chooses, she’ll also have to prove that the funds that allowed her to purchase and continuously own the house were legally begotten funds. In other words, if she financed the purchase and monthly mortgage of the house she wants to put up for collateral with illegal funds, she can’t use the house as collateral.

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