BHUSD Leaders Receive Beverly Hills Bail Bonds

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Former Facilities Director and Superintendent of BHUSD have been charged with two counts each of misappropriation of public funds. The Beverly Hills Bail Bonds for the pair were $2 million. Well, that was only for Christiansen. Hubbard is said to be giving himself up to the jail and will undoubtedly get bail bonds later.

Apparently the two were in cahoots while being employed at the BHUSD. The Orange County Register had found the emails that were sent between the two. The emails included lot’s of correspondence and a fair amount of it was flirtatious. At one point each other repeating, I love you.

Normally, email correspondence such as this would be considered trivial, until officials starting digging deeper andbeverly hills bail bondsdeeper in to their relationship as it was with the BHUSD. According to records, Hubbard secretly funded stipends including a $20,000 funding and a $400 increase for her monthly automotive allowance.

Christiansen’s annual salary was $113K, which is normal for that position. But she also allegedly negotiated a secret position that paid her another similar salary on top of her public salary, thus doubling her income for the year. During the years of 2006 and 2009 it is estimated that she received an excess of $5 million.

Christiansen also inappropriately negotiated contractual work with her own company which is considered to be a conflict of interest.

The Beverly Hills duo are now attending court and also sitting in jail. The $2 million Beverly Hills bail bonds set by the judge is yet to be bailed. For a bail bonds of that amount, one would need to come up with $200,000. That amount would be paid to the bail bonds company that would be bailing her out.

On top of this fee, she would need to be able to put up some sort of collateral to leverage the $2 million. Most of the time this is property. But in this case since her entire salary is most likely illegally generated, it might be very difficult to get “clean” money to support the very large bail bonds.

Also, the judge will probably order a 1275 hold on the bail bonds. A 1275 hold is; Bail, pursuant to this chapter, shall not be accepted unless a judge or magistrate finds that no portion of the consideration, pledge, security, deposit, or indemnification paid, given, made, or promised for its execution was feloniously obtained.

This basically means that the defendant in jail needs to prove that the money they are putting up for the bail bonds is clean and has not been obtained illegally. In her case, that might be impossible. Which is why she’s probably still residing in jail.

Her alternative is to get bailed out by her hired lawyer. He will then need to put up the bail himself as well as secure the bail bonds with his own collateral. It’s highly unlikely that this defense attorney would be willing to do this for a defendant that has many records showing misappropriated funds.

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