$175K Burbank Bail Bonds for Teacher

Yep, you show up at school, walk in to class, and what do you see? You’re teacher standing there in handcuffs between two Burbank police officers. Here at Airbail Burbank Bail Bonds we’ve pretty much seen everything. We’ve been around long enough to say that not much surprises us anymore with the decisions a human being will make in any situation, criminal or not.

burbank_police_stationThe problem I have is that teachers are supposed to be teaching. Not just their subject, but almost everything. They are pretty much our guidance and leaders when we are away from home. If you are older and in the work force, this position is substituted with the boss. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a boss worthy of that, but you get the point.

The story I’m writing about is the Burbank Teacher accused of having sex with her 14 year old student. Let’s see, she’s 33, that’s a 19 year differential. That’s pretty much like having sex with her son. And if she had a son, would there be additional allegations? Let’s not go there. Maybe we should be happy she doesn’t have a son, okay, I said let’s not go there.

She’s being held on a $175,000 Burbank Bail Bonds. According to the California Bail Schedule that means there’s probably additional charges set forth by the Burbank Judge. I believe that she has not posted bail, because I haven’t gotten any calls, so she’s hanging out in the Burbank Jail throughout her hearings and court appearances.

So back to the leadership that one would assume from a teacher. Let’s open up that scenario to other teacher examples; priests, bosses, parents, or even any older adult for that matter. What creates these unethical decisions? At what time throughout this Burbank Teacher’s week did she say to herself, “I’d like to get involved with a 14 year old boy”? Was it discussed over a coffee and a rootbeer shake? Did they meet at In n Out and talk about the logistics? It’s just baffling. Let’s just be glad that the problem has been caught by the Burbank Police Department and we can move on to some sort of solution. I remember once writing about a teacher that was supplying marijuana to her students, I think it was somewhere up north, Santa Clara or somewhere. What happen to being able to make moral and ethical decisions. Don’t teachers and other adults have people their own age to play with?

jhahn is from Airbail.com. Providing bail bonds for Burbank and all of Los Angeles. email or visit them at airbail.com.

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