Does She Deserve a Los Angeles Bail Bonds?

Does she deserve a Los Angeles Bail Bonds? Who is she any way? Well, she is a or was a student at the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA. This story shows you the pressure parents place on their kids’ success. The UCLA student was so afraid of letting her family down that she left Los Angeles, CA on a bus and faked a kidnapping.

Nancy Salas was a student at UCLA. Hopefully she’ll return with a different goal and a more supportive family. Sometimes parents just don’t understand the pressure they place on their children when it comes to success. Each child must find their passion and their way in life and if college isn’t on that path, well then, why are they there? To please the parents or to finish a personal goal of theirs? Sometimes the curriculum of these colleges are so immense that students have quite a hard time tackling them.

For “A” students it’s probably different, even “B” students.  But for average students, its tough going. Then put a part time or full time job in to the mix and you’ll find that some students just can’t cut it on their own.

For Salas, her story was that she put her arms up in the air and said, I’ve had enough, but how can I face my family and friends? All of whom were counting on her. She was the child that was going to make it. Graduate from a University and be successful. Now Salas had a choice; figure out some sort of plan that would let her hide from the disgrace (placed there only because of the family) or stand tall and just let the family know, she can’t cut it right now.

Salas chose to make up a story. She hopped on a bus to Merced. While there, she got lonely, missed home, and figured that if she just worked up a plan of being kidnapped, all would be fine. She walked in to a store and had them dial 911 and say that she had been kidnapped.

Well, the police picked her up, the family flew her back to Los Angeles, CA. Meanwhile, the local Los Angeles Police was out in force looking for Salas. Some of the detectives had ventured to UCLA and started asking questions about Salas. They found out that Salas had NOT attended the university since 2008. Red flags were raised. This was brought up with Salas when she returned to Los Angeles.

Finally Salas confessed to the kidnapping plan. Where to go from here? Well, hopefully the parents, family, and friends now understand the pressure they’ve placed on this kid and that a different type of support is going to be needed in the future. Hey, maybe she can take less units, which will give her more time to study and understand the material? Who knows, but there is a solution. Just the fact that she made it in to UCLA means that she belongs there, so let’s see what we can do to help her make it through, okay?

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