Embezzlement Charges Gets Three Years in Jail

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Our Bail Bonds company doesn’t really see embezzlement charges very much. Actually in the 60 years of service, our Van Nuys Bail Bonds company has only seen a couple cases. We believe that normally this type of criminal, or shall we say, defendant, lawyer’s up during the bail bonds process.

Bail Bonds this large are also usually backed up by lawyers. But its the case that caught our eye. At least she’s getting her due and spending 3 years in jail. I’m sure the bail was pretty substantial and we’re sure the judge issued a PC 1275.1 to make sure the bail money came from good sources. In the case of embezzlement, and if the defendant wishes to bail out, the judge needs to see where the money came from and make sure the money was from reliable sources that were not involved with any part of the embezzlement.

Belinda Exon was sentenced to over three years in jail and told to pay close to $4 million for stealing funds. What did she do? Well, from what we understand, her company would take care of money that was issued tobail bonds fix up low income housings. But instead of utlizing the money legally, she used the money for her own needs. She took the money from two funds.

  1. U.S. Housing Funds
  2. Urban Development Funds

This all happened between 2002 and 2008, and it’s 2011? Wow, the state justice system really works fast. But, at least it worked and the criminal is behind bars.

Apparentlys she received the money to take care of low income housing for about 23 cities. But the money was redirected in to her investments. These included; 2 businesses; Desert Foothills Landscaping and Arizona Pool and Spa, and various properties and parcels of land throughout Arizona.

This crime is as bad as the groups of people scamming the medicare and medicaid industry. How is it that our government provides security worldwide, yet can’t create enough checks and balances to thward off criminals such as this?

Exon has apparently cooperated with the investigation. Right, what else is she hiding? She’s skimped $4 million from the government, what else has she done and where is the rest of her money? If she was smart enough, not that you need to be, to steal $4 million from the government, I’m sure she’s done several other things to place the money elsewhere so that when her 37th month (probably 24 months or less with good behavior) is up, all that money will be awaiting her. How else was she able to hire the expensive attorneys?

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