Fontana Bail Bonds Issued for $25,000 Dog Killing

A 38 year old man in Fontana CA was sent behind bars for kicking his Yorkie through his back door and 15 feet in to the backyard. The pup died from head trauma. The man was arrested for felony animal cruelty and given Fontana Bail Bonds worth $25,000.

The man was arrested Sunday morning around 11am and placed in the West Valley Detention Center. His bail stands at $25K. I wonder if his family bailed him out?

The story goes, the Yorkie pee’d on the carpet and the man, over 6 feet tall and weighing in at over 200 pounds, decidedly kicked the dog, sending the poor pup flying through the air, out the back door, and hitting a cement slab which provided the blunt trauma to the head and rendering the Yorkie dead.

The man did this in front of his four children ranging in ages 6 to 16. At this stage the family was outraged and ended up arguing in the front yard of the house. The neighboring people then called in the police who arrived and investigated the situation.

After questioning the family and surveying the scene, the Fontana Police arrested the man on felony animal cruelty. After the investigation, it was also found that the man had kicked the poor animal before for punishment of varying reasons.

We have dogs here at the bail bonds office and have disciplined them before sans violence. It’s not that hard to discipline dogs and/or animals at all. Utilizing a firm loud voice will always work and follow that up with very consistent actions. Apply the same discipline over and over and be consistent and the dog will learn. Positive reinforcement also works very well. But kicking the poor animal 15 feet in to a solid cement wall is not the way to go.

The case for this 38 year old man will probably get dismissed or not even filed. Since the only witnesses are his family, it will be very difficult to prosecute. Unless the county decides to place the District Attorney on the case, it’s highly unlikely that the court will ever see the case.

A quick realization at this point would be to find out who bailed him out. If it was the family then the case will probably go nowhere. But if the family refused to bail him out, maybe this was the last straw that the family was willing to deal with and had had enough. Maybe the violence to the poor dog is just an example of the man’s fatherhood and the rest of the family might be willing to speak up about other happenings.

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