Freedom to Success- 5 Steps for Lohan

After a tumultuous four years, Lindsay Lohan is out and free to do as she pleases. Well, not completely free. She is on probation, which means she can only live life to the fullest minus alcohol, drugs, and other rules set by the judge. After a few Beverly Hills Bail Bonds ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 her 2007 to 2011 years were like a roller coaster. Now that she is free, what can she do to remain free and to remain happy?

For anyone, including a celebrity, her resume for the last four years is enough to cause some mental breakdown. So, for beverly hills bail bondsthe first step in her Freedom to success we suggest this.

    1. Only surround thyself with people of very high morals and ethics. This sounds quite simple enough, but after taking a look at her current and past entourage, this task might be difficult. The reason for this tip for success is that getting in to trouble whilst be surrounded by highly ethic and moral people, is much more difficult than if one surrounds themselves with the opposite of character, obvious we know.

The second step involves help, not mentally, but physically. Some say that physical help actually boosts mental help, so if step number two happens, both ends of the stick will improve.

2. Excercise. Sources say that Lohan is actually taking advantage of this step already and we support the decision. Adding exercise to anyone’s daily routine provides many advantages, both physically and mentally. Getting that heart beating and the system racing cleans out bad toxins and creates a healthier body. On the other side, mental, having a tighter, more fit body provides additional confidence and this is needed to thwart off any cravings for the drugs and alcohol. Getting high on endophins is the best way to feel better about yourself. Why do you think athletes get addicted to working out?

The third step we suggest for freedom to success involves a hobby.

3. Having a hobby provides focus with goals and projects. When one reads the headlines of celebrities getting in to trouble, you are surely going to find that they were bored. As with children, if you leave them alone with nothing to do, trouble will come. So for the Third step for freedom for success, find a hobby if not three and create timelines, goals, and projected outcomes and stick to it.

The fourth step for Freedom for Success we believe needs to involve a Mentor.

4. Get a mentor and not a parent. Parents are always good mentors in some way, but bad habits and other misleading judgmental problems also come with that. All children have seem habits of their parents that they don’t believe to be of good judgement. If one gets a third party mentor and meets and conversates with them, but they don’t spend 24 hours a day with them, they will most likely get all the good habits from the mentor therefore great guidance will be had.

And finally for the fifth step in our suggestions for Freedom for Success; find a lover.

5. This step is not highly beneficial sometimes as we all know, good girls can sometimes enjoy bad guys and visa versa. But if steps one through four are followed, then surely step five will happen for the best. For if one is surrounding themselves with highly moral and ethical people, then a love affair with that very crowd will tend to happen and the whole circle will continue and the road of Freedom to Success for Lindsay will hopefully happen.

That’s it, our five steps for the Freedom to Success road for Lindsay Lohan. We believe that if all the steps are followed that she will find her way back in to stardom in the right way, not the, drug involved, beverly hills bail bonds, arrested everything other weekend, court appearing, rehab clinic world she has been leading.

Here’s to the success of the once 19 year old druggy to the, now one the right road, 24 year old of today, Good Luck!

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