From Beverly Hills Bail Bonds to Rehab Clinics

Linsay Lohan, yep, another article about Lindsay Lohan. She started out getting Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, sentenced to jail, sentenced to rehab, failed drug tests, got another Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, bailed out, sentenced to rehab again (luckily), and now, she has a bright idea of opening up rehab clinics in the US.

Well, isn’t she just the best idol to guide our youth through their most influential ages? Nope. Please send her back to jail. Whoops! I didn’t say that.

Lindsay is currently hanging out at the Betty Ford Center at a small price of $20K (est) a month and she’s stated to have said that this is a life changing event, and now wants to open up rehab facilities. This is the fifth time she’s been in the facility. All of the other times she’s bailed on the place and also failed drug tests. What makes this stint different? How is it that this time its, “life changing”?

bail bonds beverly hillsThe mother talks about taking each day one at a time and that addiction is difficult, she’s praying hard, and hopes everything will work out. Wait, taking one day at a time? Well, planning to open multiple rehab clinics for troubled teens is not taking it one day at a time. That’s called painting the wrong picture to a drug addict and not getting down to the core problem. The drug addict has to hit bottom, hard, and then hit it again, and hopefully there will be a switch that will go off that will release them of the addiction.

Everyone knows that the addiction won’t be gone forever, but if the switch does go off, she could possibly have a chance and might just be able to open her little Lindsay Loser Rehab Clinics (LLRC). Who knows, maybe she’ll do it.

But in the meantime the bail bonds agents in Beverly Hills, CA are standing by if she happens to enter the jail again. Heck, she’s kept the bail bonds business alive in Beverly Hills. Other than her, there’s only been the normal $10K bonds and $20K bonds coming out of there and the volume of the bonds has been pretty small.

Mom says that Lindsay wants to go back to making movies also. Wait, does she want to open the clinics or make movies? It might be pretty difficult to do both. Especially with the fact that in the movie making process there’s drugs, pot, and alcohol around every corner. They travel to exotic destinations where the countries are more lenient on drug use, Amsterdam, and the parties start late and last all night and there’s no real chaperones around to control the entire circus and most everyone is loaded…

So, of course she wants to go back to (doing drugs and drinking) making movies. Who wouldn’t? Fly high and run free, because the bail bonds agents in Beverly Hills will be glad to deliver the
Beverly Hills Bail Bonds at all times of the night.

As far as opening up rehab clinics for troubled teens, is Lindsay a real logical spokesperson for the clinics? It’s too early to tell. If she can pull this off and the next time she stands in front of the camera to speak about her experiences (because you know she will, her publicist is already lining it up) she actually looks sincere (and sober)? Than maybe she can. Someone should check the Vegas lines and see what the odds are that Lindsay needs another bail bonds in the coming months. Especially since its the Holiday (drug and alcohol party) season coming up. And don’t forget about New Years, isn’t that the night that the most cocaine and alcohol is consumed throughout the year? You have to make sure you stay up to see the ball drop!

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