Get a Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Altering a BB Gun

Stupid is as Stupid does. Santa Clarita Sheriff’s got a report from a couple who was driving at 10pm and santa clarita bail bondssaid that there was a guy waiving a gun out of a car. The police ended up arresting that man and the passenger and slapping a couple Santa Clarita Bail Bonds on them.

The Santa Clarita Sheriffs pulled the suspected car over thinking that the occupants were armed. A very tense situation for anyone. The deputies found the gun and saw that it was a BB gun. All toy guns normally have a red ring around the tip to signify that it is actually a toy gun. The pistol that the suspect was carrying had the red ring removed by the suspect and will now be hanging out in the Santa Clarita Jail with a bail bonds hanging over him.

Not that toting a BB gun altered to look like a real gun is bad enough, the deputies found something else in the vehicle when they were searching it. There were two unmarked containers in the vehicle. These containers were believed to have Xanax and Vicodin in them.

The pair of idiots driving the vehicle were Jared and Sarah. Now they’re sitting in jail with a couple Santa Clarita Bail Bonds. Gee, let’s drive around waiving an altered BB gun that’ll do nothing but get the attention of the local police, and!, let’s have bottles of Xanax and Vicodin in the car because we’re stupid and think this is normal.

Did the contents of the bottles provide the brainless judgement of wanting to drive around town waiving what looked like a real gun? Who knows, but the decision making of Jared and Sarah is definitely skewed towards severly unintelligent. These two are better off sitting in the Santa Clarita Jail and preferrably need to go back to mommy and daddy to re-learn and re-educate themselves. Or better yet, since its quite possible that the lack of intelligence came from the two kid’s parents, ship them off to a different city. Maybe that’s what we should do with all idiots is ship them all to another city and let them cohabitate there. No, that wouldn’t be good because then the population would grow because they’d all be too stupid to use birthcontrol and then we’d be multiplying idiots. Got a better idea?

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