Glendale Bail Bonds for Lottery Winners

A Glendale, CA couple arrested and issued Glendale Bail Bonds for burglarizing four stores. The couple had hit four similar stores in the Glendale area. A small supermarket, liquor store, and a couple other small markets. After receiving a tip from a local gas station, the Glendale Police apprehended them while they were trying to redeem some of the winnings. One was in the car busy scratching some of the stolen tickets while the other was inside redeeming some of the winning tickets. They also had a four month old child in the back seat.

glendale bail bondsAfter the burglaries they had amassed 12 rolls, 13 stacks, and 11 boxes of scratchers. Up until they got caught, they had redeemed $6,000. They also stole more than $3,500 in cash and a register that contained $200 in cash.

They got caught because the Glendale Police got the word out to local stores who offered similar scratchers that a couple might be wandering in to redeem them. One of the local gas stations recognized the woman and called the police quickly and the police arrived shortly thereafter. The couple was still there trying to redeem some of the winning tickets.

During the arrest, the police also charged the male for possession of methamphetamine, a sm0king device, and burglary tools.

The women was released on a Glendale Bail Bond with her court date set for June 8th. The male is still in jail with a $160,000 Glendale Bail Bonds.

The couple told the Glendale Police most everything. They said that they redeemed between $5,000 and $6,000. They said that they needed the money to pay for bills and drugs. They also admitted that they brought the child with them on the burglaries. The child was released to the grandmother.

Why on earth did they rear a child together? All of these decisions are terrible. Especially bringing the child with them on the burglaries. Let’s see, they’re probably out of work, doing drugs, and robbing convenient stores. There’s just so many things wrong with this picture and you wonder how it all escalated. Did they start doing drugs, lose their job, which meant they had more time at home, she got pregnant, so they started robbing stores? Or, did they lose their job because of the drugs, spent more time at home, got pregnant, and then started robbing stores? Who knows, either way, doing drugs seems to be the component that’s messing up the problem, along with the fact that neither one of them understands how to make the correct decision. Now grandma is stuck with the kid and the entire problem. Great job kids!

Bernie Heller is a proud contributor to LABBC.

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2 Responses to “Glendale Bail Bonds for Lottery Winners”
  1. Just a crazy story I tell ya. I can’t believe the ideas criminals and desperate people come up with. You’d think bagging groceries at the local super market would pay a better outcome.

    Glendale Bail Bonds

  2. dharman says:

    yes, we find criminals like these every week. It’s just difficult to write articles about some of them all the time.

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