Glendale Bail Bonds for Man with Rolex Plausible

So this guy walks in to the store….normally after a statement like that, the rest would be words describing a joke and followed by a punchline. This is different, at the Glendale Galleria Mall located in the heart of Glendale, CA a man enters a jewelry store and leaves with a $9,000 Rolex. Like to get Glendale Bail Bonds if he ever gets caught, and knowing the Glendale Police Department, he will soon.

glendale bail bondsSo, the story goes. A man walks in to the jewelry store. The store is located at the Glendale Galleria Mall in Glendale, CA. He walks in and asks the customer representative to see a specific Rolex in the cabinet. Talk goes on back and forth and then the guy asks if they can fix his phone. A few seconds later the guy makes a phone call.

Meanwhile the customer service representative places the watch on the chair and goes away. The man gets up and sits on the chair, successfully also sitting on the watch. As he is on the phone, he’s watching the clerk and placing the watch in his back pocket.

After a couple minutes on the phone the guy gets up, Rolex in back pocket, and bids the clerk farewell. He casually walks out of the store and out of the Glendale Galleria Mall. He’s still missing and Glendale Police are investigating everything, including the security tapes at the mall.

Mistake One; The clerk places the watch on the seat of  a chair next to the cabinet. Why didn’t he place it back in the cabinet or at least on top of the counter where it’s in plain site and the clerk could monitor from the other side of the store.

Mistake Two: Why leave the area? Its rude for anyone to sit there and make a phone call, hold your ground and make the customer go outside and come back if they are still intersted.

It seems like the suspect had cased the place and realized that this scenario could work. He probably knows that the clerks react this way and therefore provide a prime opportunity to pull this off. Now the catch is how fast the clerk is able to react to the situation and how fast they realize the watch is gone.

Clearly this jewelry clerk was not very vigilant or observant. The suspect will eventually get picked up by the Glendale Police Department and slapped with a Glendale Bail Bonds. Probably around a $20,000 since its a Grand Theft which is theft of anything over $400.

He’ll get taken in to the Glendale Jail and left there until either bailed out or his court date arrives.

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