Hollywood Man Arrested on Suspicion of Murder

After a standoff with the local Hollywood Police and SWAT, a man was arrested on suspicion of murder and likely to have Hollywood Bail Bonds. In an apartment building in Hollywood, CA a woman was found dead on the third floor having been shot several times.

Early Tuesday morning a 25 year old woman was found dead on the third floor of an apartment building near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Police were called in and started evacuating the building.hollywood bail bonds

After the inhabitants left it didn’t take long to figure out that the possible suspect might still be in the building since he had barricaded himself in the apartment. SWAT was called in and surrounded the apartment.

After a four hour plus standoff, the man opened the door and went with the police with no guns fired and no fight.

Its reported that the incident was caused by a domestic dispute. It is not yet confirmed that the 25 year old woman was the person the man was disputing with or that he actually was the gunman.

For an incident like this his Hollywood Bail Bonds would be fairly high. We’re guessing its a felony murder which usually would bring a bail bonds between $500K and $1 million.

For a bail bonds of this size the costs are pretty substantial and its likely that the defendant will stay in jail until his court date. If he chooses to bail out of the Hollywood jail, his costs would be between, $50K and $100K. This is the cost of the premium when hiring a bail bonds company.

With a bail bonds of this size there would also need to be a large amount of collateral from either the defendant or the signor for the bail bonds. The normal collateral would be real estate with enough equity to back a $1million bail bonds.

Getting a bail bonds is similar to getting a loan. One must have very good credit, a good job, and usually some sort of collateral and real estate is the most used type of collateral.

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