How Can Santa Clarita Bail Bonds Help You?

We are ABCO Santa Clarita Bail Bonds and at least 3 to 4 times a week, we get customers and everyday people in the Santa Clarita Valley area asking questions about bail bonds. What are bail bonds? Why do we have bail bonds? How do Santa Clarita Bail Bonds help me out?

Well, as the owner of ABCO Santa Clarita bail bonds, I always tell them, “it’s kind of a long answer.” Our company resides at:

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Here’s a shorter answer of the long answer I usually present to everyone. The purpose of bail is to guarantee the arrestee’s appearance in court. Bail is not a fine and it has no connection with the guilt or innocence of the person arrested. It will not be used as a penalty if the person is found guilty. You can consider bail as a form of insurance for the court. So the scenario goes like this, hypothetically of course. Joe Smith gets arrested by Los Angeles Police Officer Frank Smitty. Joe get’s cuffed, driven to the Santa Clarita Jail. Here the Police Officer places you in a holding cell.

Bail is initially set according to what Joe was arrested for by Officer Frank Smitty.

Let’s say Joe was arrested for a DUI. This is a very popular charge nowadays. There are actually different levels to this charge. Was it a reckless driving and the officers pulled Joe over and then ran a DUI test? Did Joe run into a tree and then the officers also declared that he was impaired? With this example, we’ll stick with a basic, 1st time DUI charge. Joe was swerving a little bit and the officers decided they’d pull him over and ask him a few questions, smelled alcohol, and asked him to get out of the car and submit to a few DUI tests, he complied, and subsequently he got hauled in for a DUI and his car impounded.

Now Joe sits in his holding cell awaiting the bail amount from the officers. Officer Frank Smitty comes in and says to Joe, “your bail amount is $5,000″.  For a first time DUI with a clean record and the DUI defendant didn’t harm anyone or anything, the bail amount is $5,000. If this was Joe’s second DUI, the bail would usually be set at $10,000. If Joe had hit a pole or swiped a car or done any damage at all NOT to a human, the bail amount usually comes in at $25,000. If Joe had swiped a person and anything related to a human being, the bail can go up to $100,000 and sometimes higher.

Initially the bail is set by the officers in the jail and a court date is set for the arrestee. At this time, Joe continues to sit in the holding cell until the Police get national criminal information back from the fingerprint database they ran the fingerprints through. If Joe has any pending charges anywhere, this information will show up here. In this example, we’ll have Joe’s record be clean.

Done being processed, Joe is guided in to the actual Santa Clarita Jail and his Santa Clarita Bail Bond is now set at $5,000. Joe can now start calling someone to come bail him out. Joe is allowed to make collect calls to anyone who can actually accept them. As of now, no cell phones can accept collect calls, so most of the time the arrestees call Mom or Pop or someone who still has a land line or they end up calling a Santa Clarita Bail Bondsman.

Joe also has a choice of just staying in the Santa Clarita Jail and await his court date. But this is How Santa Clarita Bail Bonds can help you out. Instead of waiting in the Santa Clarita Jail for your court date, which can sometimes be days, you can get bailed out, and when this happens, your court date is usually set for a month later. Which means you now have time to get your self straightened out, get a lawyer, and get yourself prepared for your court date.

That’s pretty much how a bail bond works. There are numerous other ways that this situation could go and it all depends on the kind of charges that are against you, the actual court system in the county you were arrested, and much more.

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