How Do Bail Bonds Work in Ventura, CA?

Pretty much how they work in all the cities in California, but let’s talk a little bit more about Ventura Bail Bonds. Say you’re heading down Main Street in Ventura and you get pulled over by the local Sheriff. You’ve been drinking and the officer know’s it. He get’s you out of the car, does the drunk driver test and next thing you know, you’re in the Main jail in Ventura.

ventura bail bondsAs you are sitting in the Ventura jail you’re wondering what’s next. Well, for a first time DUI charge you’ll most likely get OR’d. Which means you be let out on your own recognisance. This means that the judge is trusting you to show up for you court dates with or without a lawyer and represent yourself regarding the DUI.

What if this was the second or third ticket? This is where you’ll probably receive a ventura bail bonds. Most like the on the second offense you’ll get slapped with a $10,000 bail bond and $25,000 bail bond for a third offense. For this example the defendant will have been arrested for a second DUI offense and their bail is $10,0000.

If they choose not to have a bail bonds company get involved, they need to be able to put up $10,000 in cash to the Ventura Court, they hold on to it until the case is over and done and the defendant receives the $10,000 cash back minus some miscellaneous fees.

If they choose to get a bail bonds company involved, this is how it works. The defendant either calls a friend and the friend calls the bail bonds company, or they call the bail bonds company directly. The bail bonds company will require a 10% premium of the overall bail cost. Which in this case is $1000. This premium (fee) is non-refundable. Its basically a fee paid to the bail bonds company for putting up the $10,000 for you.

Once you work things out with the bail bonds company, they travel to the Ventura Main Jail and post the bond. This is just paperwork that tells the court that the bail bonds company is now responsible for you. In case you miss the court date, the bail bonds company get’s alerted and then they come searching for you. Why? They owe the court $10,000 paid in cash if you skip bail and never come back, so they are very interested in finding out where you are and why you missed your court date.

Once all your courts dates are met and the case gets either dismissed or judged, the bond gets exonerated. This means that you have met all your requirements as set by law and the bail bonds company is no longer on the hook for you and can close the case for the ventura bail bonds.

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