Let’s Get Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Car Burglars

This means that Santa Clarita Bail Bonds wants the Santa Clarita Valley people to get together and find these criminals. We don’t really care if they get bailed out of the Santa Clarita Jail or not. Let’s just keep our eyes and ears open for these car burglars and get them behind bars.

santa clarita bail bondsSanta Clarita Police have sent out a statement seeking the help of the locals to find and incarcerate these criminals. Here’s a picture of the suspect.

Detectives from the SCV Sheriff’s Station Burglary and Theft team are making this information public in hopes that some SCV locals will notice the picture and hopefully identify the suspect and then report it to the Police.

The suspects are reported to be walking around the neighborhoods of Stevenson Ranch and checking for unlocked cars. There’s also another suspect in a black Mercedes who waits and follows near by.

Sounds like to me that these guys are walking the neighborhoods of areas where they believe that the inhabitants are all at work leaving the are prime for burglary.

Lock your car, put it in your garage, or make sure that any of your neighbors that are home during the day times keeps an eye out for any mysterious activities of people walking or driving in the Santa Clarita neighborhoods.

dharman is a happy contributor for LABBC and represents Santa Clarita Bail Bonds also.

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