Lights Out for Copper Thieves in San Bernardino CA

Today’s market and economy has provided some interesting outcomes for many. Take the thieves in San Bernardino CA who have been stealing copper items all around the county. Nothing has really been kept from their thievery. Most notably are the street lights within San Bernardino County. We just might be seeing more and more San Bernardino Bail Bonds coming out of this county soon.

According to a local report there are 1200 street lights out in San Bernardino County. That’s one in every ten street lights. But the reports states that the fault is only shared by the copper thieves. A large percentage of the other outed street lights is from the inability for the county to provide maintenance on the lights, but this only accounts forsan bernardino bail bondsapproximately 100, leaving 1100 that were allegedly vandalized.

One of the main reasons behind the copper thieves motives is the cost of copper recycling. In as little as a decade ago, the cost of copper was only $0.60 per pound. Now you’ll find recycling centers giving up to $6.00 a pound. Quite a difference. I wonder how many pounds one street light nets for copper wire? Is it worth the risk?

Copper wire has been taken from utility poles. The results are leaving the workers to burying the transfer boxes in the ground. A time-consuming effort just to thwart these copper thieves from stealing $6-$20 worth of copper.

Others are reporting copper thieves in the forms of copper pipes, plumbing, air conditioning units on tops of schools and businesses.

San Bernardino Police Detectives say that there have been at least 23 arrests of people who are in suspicion of stealing copper ever since September. That’s at least 23 San Bernardino Bail Bonds provided since September for Copper Thieves. And two of the arrestees are suspected to be a part of 24 thefts. It looks as if there has become some sort of copper thieves network and the two stated in the arrest here are the ring leaders. Maybe they have been stealing copper for a while and now have recruited for additional teamwork. Leads us to believe that there is probably a recycling facility that is on the take or illegally doing business and getting paid under the table to look the other way.

The San Bernardino Police department is now setting up stings and stake outs for these copper thieves. Maybe they are finally getting hip to some of the local recycling facilities and watching them during business. Other Sheriff’s have set up special units just for copper thieves.

Two thieves were actually electrocuted trying to steal copper. Now the thieves are really showing their stupidity. “Hey, let’s climb up that utility pole, or even better, that utility box over there and cut out the copper wire!”  Right, how stupid do you have to be to climb a pole or open a vault where there is tens of thousands of volts of flowing electricity just to get a couple pounds of copper?

Ever since the foreclosures started piling up, copper thieves have been running ramped throughout the areas where all the vacant homes are. This has been a problem since 2008. But not until now has there been such an interest in stealing copper from areas other than vacant homes.

This San Bernardino Bail Bonds Company has seen criminals of all types. The most common crime we see is either DUI or domestic violence. Moving forward we might start replacing that normalcy with local grand theft from all these copper thieves.

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