Lohan Pops in Store for Beverly Hills Bail Bonds

Isn’t the Lohan family great. Our Beverly Hills Bail Bonds company surely wishes they had us on speed dial. Heck, we might have retired already. Now Lohan’s father is in the brink for a domestic violence charge. But this Beverly Hills Bail Bonds is even more than most of Lindsay’s. The current bail is set at $250,000! Maybe the ole’ man doesn’t want to be shone up? “see, I can do anything you can do, only better.” Or, “wait, I want the spotlight also!”

I wonder if Father Lohan is just getting the over 40, I need attention thing.

Either way, Father Lohan as a bail of $250,000 to worry about. Apparently the altercation happened with his current girlfriend. From what we can gather, the two got in to an argument. Then power hungry Father Lohan decided to withdraw his girlfriend’s rights of making phone calls.

Anyone in the legal world knows this is a no no. Any time you disallow anyone from making a distressed phone call, you can get arrested on the spot. So, for example, if you and your girlfriend are fighting and she just really rattles your cage, you take her phone and throw it in the lake, presto!! You get arrested.

You are not allowing the other party a portion of their rights. On top of not allowing her to make a phone call to authorities, Father Lohan held her against her will. Plus she had some bruising but the reports don’t state whether or not the bruising was from the scuffle.

So now, what is he to do about the $250K bail. According to California State, bail bonds companies have to charge a 10% premium for providing their services. Therefore, Father Lohan needs to come up with $25,000 to give to the bail bonds company. On top of that, the bail agency will most likely need some sort of collateral for a bond that large. So, they’ll take a deed to his house. Only if his house has a very large amount of equity. Other than that the bail bonds company will need additional signers that are willing to place their responsibility on him for making his court dates.

Good luck Father Lohan, maybe you can get Lindsay to sign for you, if our Beverly Hills Bail Bonds office was involved, I wouldn’t mind having Lindsay in to sign some papers, eh?



3 Responses to “Lohan Pops in Store for Beverly Hills Bail Bonds”
  1. Bail Bonds says:

    It would be great for our Bail Bonds Company to have Lindsay as a client. Heck, we could practically retire.

  2. We’re right with you on that one. We heard of the bail bonds company that actually bailed her out. I can’t remember the name right now. But it’s rumored that the company is favored with the lawyer. Isn’t that illegal?

  3. Yeah, I heard it was David Perez. If it were our San Bernardino Bail Bonds Company that bailed her out, I think we could have had that vacation this year.

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