Los Angeles Bail Bonds for $360K

Man arrested for pulling down his pants in front of girls near alleys for over 14 months. His Los Angeles Bail Bonds was set at $360,000. He quickly bailed himself out of the Los Angeles Jail.

For over 14 months the community labeled him as the El Segundo Flasher. Normally he works daily as a CPA for a fairly large corporation. The businessman was tracked down to a local Los Angeles Hotel where he agreed to be taken in to custody and questioned. After six hours at the Los Angeles Police Station, he was free to go.

Police then retrieved a search warrant for his hotel room where they found cocaine and personal lubrication products. Apparently the guys MO was to drive around and look for teenage girls, spot them, go park in a near by alley and then while waiting would either masturbate or just pull his pants down for the girls as they appeared at the alley.

The Los Angeles police are continuing to build the case and hope that they will have enough to put the man behind bars for a long time.

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