Los Angeles Bail Bonds for Disney Assistant

$50,000 Los Angeles Bail Bonds for a Disney executive’s assistant. Her boyfriend who was also involved was detained by the court. What did they do? Well, the assistant, Bonnie Hoxie, is privy to quarterly earnings and other additional information.

I’m sure the couple was sitting around one day and realized what a great opportunity they have. They can get Disney’s financial information before the public can and monetize it. What if they sold this private information to traders, wow, they could make a ton of money!

That’s primarily what they did. The assistant would obtain the information from the executive and then she and her boyfriend would scheme ways to get and sell this information to hedge fund managers and others that would be interested in the information.

The couple allegedly sent out dozens of letters to hedge fund managers and investment firms. I’m sure they were thinking very ambitiously. These firms reported these actions to the FBI.  If I was CEO or president of any of these firms and saw a letter like this, I’d report it right away, it’s definitely a trap. Why waste your life on greed?

The FBI contacted the firms and then secretly set up a sting operation for the couple. The FBI posed as hedge fund traders and offered to buy the information from the couple.

Hours before the quarterly information was available, the couple contacted the agents (posing as fund traders).  They alerted the agents that the earnings per share would be 48 cents, which was higher then projected. In the hands of, well, almost anyone with around $100K of trading cash, you could make a quick $50K on the open market. Of course it’s illegal, but that’s the temptation driven by greed.

Later the boyfriend met with the FBI agents and accepted a $15,000 check. Then he decided to strike up a future deal with them stating that there’s more information in the future that they could take advantage of.

The couple was obviously arrested. The assistant has a Los Angeles Bail Bonds amount of $50,000. No news as to whether or not she has bailed out of the Los Angeles Jail. The boyfriend has been detained by the court. No news as to why the judge ordered the detaining.

Interesting to note, the case has now been moved to New York and apparently the next court date is June 3rd.

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