Man Jumps Off Pier, Gets Van Nuys Bail Bonds

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A multi-City police pursuit concluded having a guy jumping from the Santa Monica Pier into the ocean in the early hours of Sunday morning. Gerjuan Harmon, 27, gradually returned to shore, and surrendered to LA Police Department officers.

The Police Officers now have the guy inside the Van Nuys Jail. Currently it looks as if the Van Nuys Bail Bonds is around $25,000, but there are a few other charges on his record, so he’ll probably end up going to the Van Nuys Courthouse and letting the judge sort this all out.

Harmon was in a 2010 Range Rover and started the chase around 11:30pm Saturday night, took the LAPD on a chase around Los Angeles freeways including the 405, 110, and 10 and ended up heading down towards the Santa Monica Pier. During the chase Harmon called 9-1-1 and asked why he

was getting chased. He also told the operator that he was suicidal. Just a quick question, if he’s driving and speaking with 911, does that mean he gets charged with being on the phone while driving also??

When Harmon reached the Santa Monica Pier, he got out of the vehicle, ran onto the pier, and decided to go for an oceanic swim. He was gradually persuaded by LAPD and Santa Monica Law enforcement Department officials to come to shore and finally reached dry land around 1:40 a.m.

Harmon is currently at the Van Nuys jail. This will be the fourth arrest for Harmon in the last 12 months, according on the Los angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Inmate Details Center. The details center is the Van Nuys Jail information area on the LAPD website. You can visit the

LAPD’s site and just plug in the inmates information and see the details there on your screen.

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  1. Michael Gray says:

    I love bail bond stories. I’ve been a bondsman for 33 years. The one mistake I made was by not keeping notes of all the goofy things I’ve seen. But everytime I read a story it usually reminds me of one of my stories. Anyway, you didn’t forfeit your bond.

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